How To Discreetly Buy A Pregnancy Test

How To Discreetly Buy A Pregnancy Test

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I live in a small neighborhood and there are some shops. And he was always very busy with the people I knew, or with the people who knew my mother. I don't want anyone to see me when I buy. This is far from proof in the box. I used the test myself so that the driver would not know. But how do you hide when you're online? No suggestions?

I think this is a difficult thing. I don't know anyone in my supermarket nor do I know the cashier, but you can still feel that they are doing you justice even though they are not!

You have to buy some other things at the same time, I mean milk, bread, toothpaste, potato chips, dinner and so on. Under the basket If you're in line with someone you know and you think that person will see, just say ... oh, I forgot to get in line and come back when he leaves Go to it's fine.

Buy Pregnancy Test Kits

I felt the same way when I first bought the pregnancy test kit (20 years old and single). I decided that this was the day I needed a new dress, so I took one last trip, chose one, and took it to the pregnancy test room. I tied a T-shirt around the test so that no one could see it when I went to check it.

Maybe you can ask a close friend to get you a pregnancy test? I know that is the case. If I win a little ...


I bought and almost found a heart.

They combine them with other things, so I pretend I'm looking for them or looking for them, so I step out of the hallway, take the test, and run to the nearest cashier.

Just make sure it's not a busy day or ask a friend to buy it.

Take a T-shirt and put a quiz on it or draw 2 squares of s on either side of the quiz because they are there, when people look at s they look away.

How To Discreetly Buy A Pregnancy Test

How To Discreetly Buy A Pregnancy Test

Just a reminder, if you switch to automatic payments, the cashier can still see what you've purchased. Will appear on the screen. If possible, I recommend driving and shopping nearby. If not, ask your friends to help you buy it. If none of these things work ... you have to be careful and fast.

it is difficult. Maybe you can order it online? You can also call to see the confidential packaging for yourself. Or you go to a nearby place where you don't know many people.

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Just put some things in your handbag so you can cover it and people can't see it.

Did anyone else buy it? Or wait until around 2am when the store is practically empty. ... but it will be very important for him ... OK!

How To Discreetly Buy A Pregnancy Test