How To Copy C++ Output To Ms Word

How To Copy C++ Output To Ms Word

Copy screen output from C ++ to MSWord? 3

I need to copy the output from my C ++ to MSWord or MSPaint ... I will do this ... I need the procedure


c ++ To copy the graphical part of the program to msword w ...

PRNT screen enabled for WLE display.

ALT + PRNT screen is enabled for Windows only :)

Yes, it is easy. With the PDF open in Acrobat 7 Standard or Professional, click File> Save. In the Save As dialog box, select Microsoft Word Ill from the Format (Mac) or Type (Windows) popup menu. Then just click Save and open the document in Word for editing.

Here's the procedure ...

I started your program.

2 Press Alt + Enter (command prompt will be minimized)

3 Now right click on the screen.

Select the 4 mark option.

5 Now hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse pointer to the area you want to copy.

. Highlighted area in the background.

6. Press Enter key.

7. Open your word.

8. From the Edit menu, select Paste (or press Ctrl + v).

He is there

Enjoy ... and the best L.

How To Copy C++ Output To Ms Word