How To Convince Your Parents To Get You A Phone

How To Convince Your Parents To Get You A Phone

Can I convince my parents that I can take my pillow to school? 3

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. I'm in the tenth grade and every day when I pick up my tires when I walk out the door they say: Why do you need your tires? Even when I need to call her for some extracurricular activities. Is everyone allowed and your parents don't care?

help me?

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Why buy those patches when you can't use them? Make these points and see what they have to say:

1. What if I can't get a ticket in an emergency / no one?

2. The school day is mostly when you are not with me, so what's the point if I can only use it when you can see me, especially if I don't call you when I need help ?

3. What if I get lost while walking and no one is with me? Do you expect me to borrow a bolt from a stranger?

Help for example !!!!

I advise you to listen to your parents ... don't bring tires. They have a good reason, believe me. You are a teenager and you are surrounded by teenagers so they will steal you or someone will break you by mistake. Having loving parents is better than taking your cell phone to school.

I'm not much older than you and when I was in high school there were no tires in school and we survived. If you need to call your parents after school, use the phone provided by your school to consult your parents or friends, because everyone else has.

Does your school have a no-fly policy?

Unfortunately, you pay the price for what Scol does - the confidence and privilege of owning a Cell Pne. Some of them use the cells for wrong reasons. I think your parents are trying to take care of you in their own way. I suggest having a calm and serious conversation so that they know that you are responsible, not the cell. Sometimes talking calmly and seriously works wonders. For example, work.

Just let them know that, in an emergency, you will need them because you never know what might happen. I remember there was a fear in the middle of school and we needed our phone to call me. Whenever I was sick at school and went to the nurse, she would call me on her cell phone. Tell your parents you are responsible and not text or anything. And be careful not to leave it where it can be stolen.

Example help :)

My parents were tough on everything, so I learned to argue. Think like them

Watch the movie All Chris: Why did you let me go to school if you didn't want me to hear the kind words?

Coach Lovers: That's ڈالر 60. That's five times less than usual. Think of the money you save!

It would be great if I were you, but if they ask you, "Why do you need your drink? Tell me, why do you need your coffee?" Or act like G (works) and say my school people are bad! This person has been arrested by ____! Do you want that to happen to me I'm afraid! And all be.

Think like them. What do you want to hear

How To Convince Your Parents To Get You A Phone

How To Convince Your Parents To Get You A Phone

Let them know that there is a strange boy with a sharp beard walking around the university in a long coat and bare feet and that you can be safe by calling your father when you are stressed or stressed. ۔

Let's say I'm 15/16 and I can take my tires to school, I'm going, I'm 12

How To Convince Your Parents To Get You A Phone