How to Compress Files in Mac

If your computer has a large number of old files occupying the hard disk, then you can compress these files to leave more space. The Mac OS X system comes with a compression function, which can directly compress files. At the same time, you can also download third-party software to compress files more effectively. Read this article and pack and compress your old files.

1.Open the Finder. You can open it by clicking the Finder icon in the Dock bar. Its icon looks like a square blue face. After opening the Finder, find the file you want to compress from it.
To compress multiple files located in different places into a “.zip” file, you need to create a new folder first, and then move all the files to be compressed into it.

2.Select the file. You can hold Command and select multiple files to be compressed from the file list. After selecting, right-click any file. If your mouse has only one button, you need to hold down Ctrl first, and then click the file.

If you want to compress the files in the entire folder, just right-click the folder.

3.Compressed file. Select “Compression” in the right-click menu, and then wait for the compression to complete. Depending on the number of compressed files, how to screenshot on mac time required is different, and it may take a few minutes. The filename of the final compressed file is the same as the name of the compressed file or folder.

The filename of the compressed file produced by compressing multiple files or folders is “”.

The compressed file is about 90% of the original file size, and the specific compression rate also depends on the type of compressed file.