How to Clean Your face according to Dermatologists?

I don’t exactly remember when the simplest and most taken for granted skincare step in my regime became the holiest grail time of the day for me. Maybe it was the deeping frowning lines or my recent trip to a fellow friend who happens to be one the top skin specialists in Karachi, all I remember was that something triggered me to not keep my facial skin washing not so simple anymore.

How to Clean Your face according to Dermatologists?

Ever since those turn of events, I have become a high-maintenance skin regimen person who has become confident after a long thread of consistent research and many failed anxious self-experiments. I will admit this slew of self-experiments and assumptions left me confused, I needed to know if I was washing my face the right way? Long and behold, I finally turned to dermatologists from all over the subcontinent ( i am south Asian, with a good mix of chocolate and honey brown skin), and found some of the most amazing advice pieces ever!

The Number of Times you wash your face actually matters!

So my skin specialist friend who works at Fauji Foundation Hospital, Karachi was completely blown away when I told her I was only washing my face ONCE and that too in the morning. Turns out my theory of a clean face is completely flipped because I should be washing my face at the end of the day rather than at the start of it.

Ideally, you should be washing your face twice a day.

Your focus should be more on the washing that follows at the end of the day. This is because you are removing an entire day of dirt/ toxins and other harmful chemicals off your face. Now that I look back on how comfortably I would go off to sleep without tending to my face first, gives me big horrors! Here is how to NOT do what I was once used to.


  • Invest in a simple (alcohol-free) makeup remover. Make sure to swab it on a cotton pad and thoroughly remove dirt and makeup off your face. Even if you are not wearing heavy makeup, you should still do this.

  • Now wash your face with lukewarm water with a good budget-friendly face wash cleanser. (not too hot or cold).


  • Wash your face with a milder face wash with cold water.

Micellar Water vs Tap Water

Micellar water is a big rage these days and there is a reason for it. Many people choose to use micellar water instead of normal cold [tap water](https:// tap water) in the morning for a milder effect. This again boils down to your skin type and your personal preference. Many people do this as they are not really certain about the water they wash their face with. When it comes to washing your face, the pH levels matter a lot. So what should you really do if you are unaware of where, to begin with?

For starters, start with micellar water and regular water both. See if it works for you. If you find the micellar water to be a bit drying which it can be, switch to tap water.

Face Wipes are a big NO

They are quite harsh to our faces. Period.

The wipes can be very harsh to your epidermis and can strip your skin of your natural oils as well. The only situation where skin wipes should be used is after a post-workout session or when you sweat excessively. If you are using them as a part of your cleansing process, make sure you dump the makeup wipes as soon as possible. Instead, opt for oil-based makeup wipes or you can even DIY one! The opportunities can be endless.

Oil cleansing

Ahh! Now that’s a good option, to begin with. Oil-based formulas and cleansers are the best ones. More so because they are gentler on the skin and somehow they glide over your face pretty smoothly. Also, they seem like something that is natural you are putting on your face. I know most of you who have oily skins will be screaming at the screen right now, but believe me, giving the oil cleansing is well worth a shot.

In the End, Always Listen to Your Skin!

You should always head towards google for educating yourself, but no matter how much material you read, in the end, all of us have different skins and hence different skin needs. You do not have to invest in expensive cleansers, rather you should only regulate your skin cleaning regime.