How To Clean A Chalkboard

How To Clean A Chalkboard

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I have electronic circuit boards / permanent markers and pencils on my board and I'm not sure I can remove them without damaging the board.

* You can also try generic hand sanitizers like Jermax instead of the hand lotion type. Just pour it, let it sit for a few seconds and wash it off.

* Another useful alternative is Lesol (R) Sanitizing Spray. Spray a lot on the marker, let it sit for a few seconds and let it dry. Repeat as needed to remove remaining marks.

* Another useful alternative is isopropyl alcohol. Take a bottle of isopropyl alcohol (70% isopropanol), place it on paper towels, tissue, etc. And clean it. This can happen many times, depending on how long the permanent marker lasts.

* Another thing that works is simple cleaning. Use a scrubber to remove most markers, then wipe the rest with isopropyl alcohol with a cloth or paper towel.

* Nail polish remover also removes it, but it can damage the surface.

How to clean the table.

How To Clean A Chalkboard