How To Choose Your Anniversary Flowers by Years of Marriage?

Every person dreams of spending their entire life with the person whom they love the most. Every relationship demands togetherness because it provides a feeling of affection and a sense of belonging to the person. Undoubtedly, togetherness is an essential aspect of an affinity for it provides a sense of security and lays down the foundation of love.

Wedding anniversaries

Spending years with our partner calls for a celebration of togetherness. Wedding anniversaries are a symbol of two people enjoying their life together. Everyone remembers the important events of their lives and often expect a celebration for the same.

Anniversaries are special and need to be treated likewise. It has been observed that very often either of the partners forget their special day and end up upsetting their significant other.

So if you too have been entangled between your daily life hassles and have not been able to plan something special for the day you, have landed at the right place. It might be too late to plan a surprise date but you can always compensate by giving anniversary flowers to your partner.

Given below is a list of beautiful flowers that can be offered at the last minute and save your day so that you do not end up having any gift at all.


Cosmos can be offered to celebrate the slowly building relationship in a marriage. They symbolize harmony. Any shade of the flower can be offered to represent the growing strength of a relationship but the red bloom would be ideal for indicating the depth of emotions. These flowers symbolize understanding. Thus these can be offered to celebrate the growing understanding between the couple.


Beautiful blooms of carnations have many symbols attached to them. Different colors of the flowers represent different essential values of life. White petals symbolize purity of love and are associated with good fortune.

Pink carnations are a symbol of adoration and the dark red ones are used to indicate deep love for a person. Youthful blooms of carnations are widely offered on the first anniversary because of their association with newly found love.

You can buy carnations online and offer them to a newlywed couple to wish them all the best for their future together.


The bright yellow sunflower with vibrant big petals is known for following the sun. Thus they indicate loyalty. This huge flower rests in a fragile stem which symbolizes the need for a strong foundation in any relationship.

Sunflowers can be offered after celebrating 3-4 anniversaries together. They could be a way of expressing our gratitude to our partners for their loyalty, for thanking them for continuing with the relationship despite the challenges that came in between.


Lilies are associated with rebirth and fertility. Lilies are available in different shades and shapes. The elegant blooms of lily are a symbol of growth. These can be offered to our partners to remind them how far we have come along our romantic journey and how beautifully our relationship has grown through each step of the transition.


What would be a floral surprise without a rose? Being the eternal symbol of love, roses can be offered to our partners to tell that despite spending a lot of time together, your love for them has yet not faded away.

A white rose signifies grace and thoughtfulness, while the orange blooms are indicative of vigor and zeal. You can order a rose online and give it to your partner to remind them of the ever igniting spark and ever-increasing passion in your relationship.

![Choose Your Anniversary Flowers by Years of Marriage](How To Choose Your Anniversary Flowers by Years of Marriage?)


We provided you a list of flowers that can be arranged in a bouquet and offered to your partners. Celebrate your togetherness with any of the flowers in the list mentioned above and win your beloved’s heart by giving them beautiful and thoughtful blooms.

You can offer the same flowers to other couples on their anniversaries and woo them with the thought behind you choosing the flowers.