How to Choose the Right Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is a necessity. It helps individuals to keep themselves strongly grounded due to its non-slippery nature. Yoga mats are easily available online, and each one of you practising yoga should have it at your home, even if you have a non-slippery floor.

Yoga Mats: What Had Been and What Is It Now

Around 15 years back, there was only one type of yoga mat. It was basic, made of PVC and sticky. People only got excited whether to buy a blue or purple.

Everything evolves with time, and now there is at least a yoga type to suit your requirement. Go through the below mentioned guide before buying yoga mats online or at the stores. A yoga mat that suits your lifestyle, practice, budget is the right one for you, no matter what.

What to Check before Buying a Yoga Mat

Firstly, the thickness. The thickness of your yoga mat will decide if you will be comfortable enough to carry out your yoga sessions. If it is too thin, you might end up banging your knees against the floor, or if it is too thick, it can make you have a weak connection with the floor and make your feet wobbly for some of the postures.

Then which one to buy? If you are too short on storage space, opt for a standard mat, which is of a 1/8inch thickness. But if you are looking for a more cushioning mat, opt for the 1/4inch one. And if, you are the fitness freak who likes to carry his yoga mat everywhere, get yourself a one with a thickness of 1/6inch and is foldable.

Secondly, the material of the yoga mat is important, because it is this material that would decide the texture, longevity, sponginess and stickiness of the mat. If you are the one allergic to latex, do not buy yoga mats made of natural rubber. If you want to get the most and best out of a yoga mat, choose a one made out of PVC, which can last you around a decade.

Next, comes the texture of the yoga mat. The texture of the yoga mat decides how much traction it will provide. It provides a physical barrier to sliding or slipping. If you are looking for a yoga mat that prevents slipping, do not buy the PVC ones. Rather, opt for the rubber, jute or cotton ones which have a tactile and raised pattern. The raised pattern provides an additional grip and helps you stay put. You should look for the best non slip yoga mat to avoid yourself from getting hurt.

But if smoothness is what you are looking for, a PVC yoga mat is the thing for you.

Next, the stickiness. Why do you need a sticky mat? Because it would keep you from sliding all over the place, especially at times when you need to hold a pose for a few seconds. PVC mats have the highest sticky factor and would be your perfect buy.

Finally, try to decide on a budget. A basic 1/8inch thick, solid coloured PVC yoga mat will cost the lowest. The price range increases hereon, depending on the designs, textures, patterns, antimicrobial treatments, etc. The most-pricey would probably be the eco-friendly mats.

Why Is It Absolutely Necessary To Buy A Yoga Mat If You Practice Yoga

They offer you the most important thing while you are working out, and that is safety. Practising yoga needs a lot of strength and balance, and if you lack any one of these, they can make a huge difference to your safety and the benefits of yoga too. If you just get simply distracted, you can face a major accident.

Yoga mats are a great way of exercising comfortably. Practising yoga on a hard or slippery floor can be really troublesome. If you feel uncomfortable, you won’t be able to concentrate, and the session would be an altogether bad experience for you. Take time out to find a comfortable and supportive mat, that will be with all your facing-ups and downs of yoga.