How to Choose Perfect Bed Sheet?

A perfect bed sheet completes the look of your room and intensifies the charm of your room. It has the power to enhance the glory of your room from aesthetic to classic to modern. Additionally, every color has its own beauty and change people’s mood, so, it is essential to understand the importance of choosing a perfect bed sheet.

Usually, people don’t realize the bedsheet we select will affect our sleep and our comfort zone. Hence, the perfect bedsheet will make your bed look tranquil, escape from the worries. So, think before you decide on a perfect bedsheet to have a perfect and healthy sleep.

How To Select The Perfect Bed Sheet?

The perfect soft white bed sheet with decent color perhaps gives heavenly feels than any other thing in the room; not only does it intensify the room’s charm but ensures good sleep.

Before selecting a perfect bed sheet, there are some points to keep in mind, like a high-quality bed cover, which will refresh your mind when its softness will touch your skin.

In addition to this, the look and feel you want to have when you look at your room as every color gives a different meaning and change your mood.

Moreover, nowadays, a bed sheet is not only just a necessity, but it is also a way to make you feel fresh and re-energized. Also, now there are various colors, patterns, and designs that catch the person’s attention, just like the white bedsheet or any pastel color, which makes your room look spacious. Also, dark colors like black, maroon, and violet signify the elegance of your room.

Further, these days bedsheets are available everywhere, commonly in every from a low to high-quality luxury bedsheet, and not only in the market, but it is commonly available online as well. Here are some points that you need to consider before buying a perfect bedsheet of your choice!

Important Points Before Buying Bed Sheets

Most people notice thread count before buying a bedsheet as it signifies the quality of the bedsheet.

Thread count

Thread count means the number of times horizontal and vertical threads are woven into the fabric per square inch. Usually, a good quality bed sheet has a thread count between 300 to 500, but if it is between 400 to 500, it means maybe the quality of fabric has been manipulated to increase the thread count.

Do you know there are various manufacturing techniques, which can increase the thread count without enhancing its quality? So, it doesn’t mean that higher thread count bedsheets have high quality. Hence, if you purchase a bedsheet, it is always advised to check a perfect thread count.

Sometimes, a bedsheet has a thread count less than 200 but has a good finish, and you reflect a higher thread count. Also, bed cover thread count can range from 200 to 800.

Fabric quality

There are various types of fabric available in the market. Sometimes a bedsheet may be catchy and cooler but have bad fabric quality, which ultimately affects your sleep and leads to restlessness and poor quality sleep.

Additionally, there are different cotton bedsheet which is more comfortable. Synthetic fabric is good for winters as they trap heat and make you feel cozy in winters, resulting in bad quality sleep as it gets too hot in summers.

Moreover, Pima and Egyptian cotton are the most used fabric when it comes to bedsheets. They are more comfortable and can be utilized in any season. On the other hand, sateen finish cotton is smooth, soft, and luxurious.

Further, moisture-wicking cotton can overheat during sleep and can affect sleep. Along with the fabric, their colors also affect the sleep like; good quality fabric with light colors like gray, cream, and white ensures a smooth sleep.

Weaves type

It is important to check the weaves of the bedsheet. It may include percale, flannel, jacquard, and sateen, which have a great impact on the reliability and texture of your bedsheet. For example, percale sheets are usually lightweight and have smooth touch because of carded and combed cotton from which it is made. Also, the flannel sheet will make you feel comfortable in winter due to its napped finished.

Bedding maintenance

New bedding maintenance is important. When a person buys a new bed sheet, it usually has a starch and stiffening agent to make to look attractive and catchy to the eyes. It is better to wash bed sheets before using them to remove the dirt and the starch to have a comfortable sleep.

Moreover, it is necessary to use a high-quality detergent, laundry soaps, perfumes, and dye or comforter to affect the bed linen. If you use low-quality dyed soaps or products, it may result in skin allergies and irritation.

So, to have a good sleep, it is important to clean your bedsheet every 10 days. Fresh bedding enhances your sleep and makes you feel comfortable. However, washing your bedsheet after every week may result the lifespan of the bedsheet.

Design and pattern of bedsheet

After selecting the fabric and material, it is essential to look at the bedsheet’s design and pattern. Before buying a bedsheet, you should ask yourself whether the bedsheet design will go with your bedroom setting, as it will affect the look of your room.

So, choosing a bed sheet that goes with your room theme and setting is important so that your room looks elegant, not hodgepodge. It is an important thing that you need to keep in mind before selecting a bedsheet.


Everyone wants their room to look beautiful and charming. So, before purchasing a bedsheet, keep these important points in mind to make your room elegant, decent and attractive. These points will help you choose a perfect bedsheet of your choice and ensure you make a smart decision for your room. Make your room feels like heaven!