How to Choose Best Chemical Sprayer And Applicator?

A chemical spray is a device engineered to spray chemicals on desired surfaces. The first question that comes to mind when buying a chemical sprayer is what its purpose is. Having a chemical that can be nicely and uniformly sprayed is the ultimate goal of chemical application. Too much or uneven distribution of a chemical can cause damage to materials, crops, or whatever material you are using it on.

Types of Cheicmial sprayers

There are various types of chemical applicators available in today’s market according to your needs. However, you must do your research and go for good quality chemical applicators. In this article, we will be looking into different chemical applications and how you can choose the best chemical sprayer for your needs.

The Differences in Chemical Sprayers

The two most common types of sprayers are hydraulic and low volume. Hydraulic sprayers have droplets of 200-400 microns diameter. Low-volume sprayers have droplets of about 50-100 microns. Each of these sprayers is used according to the application requirement. Tiny droplets may not stick on leaves. Therefore, you would need to mix a sticking material with it.

Other sub-types of sprayers are:

  1. Boom sprayers

  2. Mist sprayers

  3. Spot sprayers

  4. Backpack sprayers

  5. Roller sprayers

  6. Piston sprayers

  7. Centrifugal sprayers

Various Chemical Applications and Their Corresponding Sprayers

Tree Spraying

Tree spraying involves the process of spraying pesticides and insecticides on trees. You will need a high-pressure spray machine to spray the chemicals from a distance in a way that it is uniformly distributed.

Spraying on a tree with a regular spray is problematic when the tree is taller than 15 feet. Moreover, if it is vast, it may not be possible for you to spray every leaf and root. An ideal chemical sprayer for this would be one that has a big enough storage tank and pipe. Usually, guns are better for this as they give high volume, good coverage, and more height.

Choose a gun that has a sound pressure system and a long pipe to reach the required targets. Click here to choose from a variety of chemical applicators.

Lawn Spraying

If you have to make your lawn greener by effectively spraying chemicals, lawn spraying will require machines that have high flow with a uniformly wider chemical distribution. For lawn spraying, sprayers with a full cone nozzle are recommended.

Spot Spraying

Spot spraying is used for individual spraying. It is a quicker alternative to hand roguing. Spot spraying is a useful tactic for sterilizing weeds. Therefore, its sprayer must have the right direction for falling onto weed leaves. Moreover, it must have adjustment settings from mist to jet stream or fan.

Applications of Chemical Sprayers

Other common applications for chemical sprayers are:

  1. Irrigating fields

  2. Cleaning

  3. Chemical application for specific purposes such as sewage

  4. Fire response

  5. High-pressure cleaning

  6. Target spotting

  7. Infestation response control

  8. Fertigation operations

Other Chemical Sprayer Considerations

  1. You must know the usage or requirement for which you have to buy the sprayer.

  2. Determine the right pump size, nozzle size, capacity, pipe length, and other dimensions.

  3. Know any specific needs of the job for spraying.

  4. Consider the agricultural crop you are spraying on.

  5. Check the weather conditions in your area. Temperature, wind speed, moisture levels are important considerations in this regard.

  6. You must also consider the size of the area to be sprayed. More significant areas will need larger sprays with more capacity to hold the chemicals.

  7. Consider your budget as well. A small sprayer would be cheaper but consider the quality as well.

  8. Replace your worn out parts if you can’t afford a new sprayer.

  9. Check for quality. Its pipes must be strong enough to hold the pressure.

  10. Choose the best nozzle as per your requirements.

Final Thoughts

Sprayers vary in size, quality, and needs according to the user. They are designed for different purposes, and each one of them, however, can be customized by selecting different nozzles. Many sprayers will allow you to install different nozzles on their pipes so that you can meet different pressure requirements.

The modern agricultural industry demands special sprayers that are not only of good quality but can be customized according to your needs. The right chemical applicators supplier will not only sell you the right product but will also guide you on how to use it.