How to Choose a Scarf and wear It?

Scarves are one of the essential and most popular fashion accessories: they indeed bring a nice touch of originality to each type of clothing style. But faced with the many models of scarves on the market, how to choose?

The size and shape of the scarf

There are different shapes and sizes of scarves on the market:

  • Large format rectangles: they give a greater mass.

  • Large format squares: measuring between 70 and 90 cm, they are the most sold.

  • Small squares: intended for hair and as accessories, they measure between 30 and 40 cm.

What colour of the scarf to choose according to your complexion?

Floral, printed or even plain … to have a perfect look, the choice of colours must be made according to your skin tone:

  • For those who have a pale complexion and light eyes, gray, green, pale blue, purple or dark red scarves are preferred, while yellow, orange, and beige are to be avoided.

  • For brunettes with fair skin, scarves in intense blue, red and black colours are perfect. Pastel colours, white and beige are to be avoided absolutely!

  • For dark skin and light eyes, green, brown, orange and red scarves are ideal while burgundy, white and navy blue are to be avoided!

  • For brunettes with dark skin, pink, green, orange, and navy blue scarves are to be preferred while yellow and beige are to be forgotten.

Otherwise, printed, wild, geographic or floral scarves give a touch of glamour to outfits and perfectly illuminate the complexion. Choose it with patterns you like so you won’t get bored of it.

Which scarf material to choose from?

There is nothing more beautiful and more comfortable than scarves in silk, cotton or linen. The models in natural fibers are indeed very pleasant to the touch and also very elegant. They give a nice touch of refinement to the outfits. In summer as in winter, the properties of scarves made of natural materials adapt to all seasons and all occasions.

How to wear a scarf?

Scarves are very practical and easy to wear accessories. They can be worn around the neck, in the hair, as a belt, in clothing or even as accessories.

You can wear your scarf in a basic fashion, dropping it smoothly around the neck, going around loosely. You can also wear it in a triangle; by folding your scarf square in 2, then placing the point towards the front and going around then a knot to tie it. For a casual look, use it as a scarf, to go to work, tie it like a tie.

There are a thousand and one ways to wear a scarf, you just need to have a little imagination or watch the tutorial images or videos on the subject. Here are 15 examples of wearing your scarf.

For the hair: in a headband, in a turban or in a bun. For accessories, we put it on the bag, worn as a belt (high waist, pants, trench,), bracelet and necklace. You can even use a large scarf as an item of clothing: top, dress, cape, etc.


In short, by following this little guide, there will be no more mistakes in taste for your next purchase of scarf at the best price by comparing a wide choice on Shopatorient!