How To Change Voicemail Language From Spanish To English Metropcs

Change language settings

1. T-Mobile application. Sign in to as the PAH. Tap More > Profile settings > Language Settings. …

2. Sign in to as the PAH. Snap your name at the upper right. …

3. Robotized call framework. After the IVR welcoming, say your ideal language in one or the other English or Spanish.

How To Change Voicemail From Spanish To English On T-Mobile?

1. The System

The principal way is to call the framework since you can do it from your telephone. Likewise, it doesn’t need any extra programming or highlight. In this way, when you call the framework, press the digit four, and it will get the letter drop alternative. Then, at that point, press the digit four once more, and it will guide you to the Playback choice. Finally, press the digit seven with which the language will be changed to English.

2. Application

You can utilize the application to change the language from Spanish to English on the off chance that you have a consistent web association and cell phone. For this reason, you need to download the T-Mobile application on your cell phone. Once introduced, sign in to the record as the essential record holder. Then, at that point, click on additional, and open the language settings from profile settings. From the menu, pick English and save the settings.

3. Site

If you can’t open or utilize the application, we recommend that you open the authority T-Mobile site and log in log into the record through the login accreditations. You need to sign in as the essential record holder and tap on the name accessible at the upper right corner. Presently, click on the profile alternative and snap-on language settings. From the accessible alternatives., pick English and hit the save button.

On the off chance that you can’t use the authority site or application for you, we propose that you pick different techniques, for example,

4. Reset

Assuming you need to ensure that voice message language settings are changed to English, you can generally call T-Mobile and have them reset the voice message. At the point when they rest the voice message, every one of the customized settings will be erased (indeed, Spanish language setting also). To the extent reaching T-Mobile client assistance is concerned, you can message them on Twitter or Facebook. Then again, assuming you need to call T-Mobile, you can call at 1(877) 453-1304 and request that they reset the phone message.

5. Set Up The Voicemail

On the off chance that you can’t contact T-Mobile help for resetting the voice message, we propose that you set up the voice message again all alone. For this reason, dial 123 on your cell phone, and it will associate you to the voice message. T-Mobile will request the secret word (the keep going four numbers on the contact number). Notwithstanding, if you had changed the secret phrase, utilize that as opposed to the last four digits. When the call is incited, simply record the name and different good tidings, and the voice message is arranged!

Basically, if no investigating strategies are working, you should call the technical support at T-Mobile, and they will dissect the issue. Subsequently, they may change the settings on your voice message at their end; issue addressed!

How do I change my T Mobile voicemail from Spanish to English?

Change language of phone message prompts

  • Press and hold the 1 on your gadget’s dial cushion to call and interface with your phone message.

  • Press the star * key to get to the fundamental menu.

  • Press 4 to get to the letter drop choices.

  • Press 7 to change the language of the voice message prompts to one or the other Spanish or English.

Keeping this in thought, what is the quantity of my phone message?

Your AT&T VoiceMail Service access number is: 1-888-288-8893. When calling from home, whenever provoked, enter your secret key followed by #. In case you are not calling from home, you will be provoked to enter your 10-digit phone number followed by your secret key, then, at that point simply follow the framework prompts.

How would I reset my voice message?

Press *611 then press SEND (broadcast appointment is free). On the other hand, call (800) 922-0204 (complementary) from any telephone to arrive at the computerized client assistance menu. Pay attention to the guidelines then when provoked say “Reset phone message secret word”. Whenever incited, enter the mentioned information for security check.


1. How do I change the language back to English on my telephone?

  • Technique 1 Changing the Display Language

  • Open your Android Settings.

  • Look down and tap Languages and info. It’s a globe-formed symbol close to the center of the Settings menu.

  • Tap Languages.

  • Tap Add a language.

  • Select a language.

  • Select a variety of the language.

  • Move the language to the highest point of the menu.

2. How do you change your voice message on this telephone?

  • Open the Phone application.

  • Press and hold “1” to call your voice message.

  • Enter your PIN and press “#”.

  • Press “*” for the menu.

  • Press “4” to change settings.

  • Press “1” to change your hello.

  • Adhere to the recorded directions.

3. How do I switch my Galaxy s4 back to English?

Discover how to change your Samsung Galaxy S4 language, simply follow these straightforward advances.

  • Tap the Menu key and afterward tap Settings.

  • Tap My gadget then, at that point tap Language and info.

  • Tap Language.

4. How do you set up phone messages on Metro PCS?

Press and hold the “1” key on the keypad until the telephone begins dialing your phone message number. Press the “*” (reference mark) key when your voice message welcoming begins playing once again on the telephone. Enter your voice message secret phrase, whenever incited, and afterward press the “#” key.

5. How do you call voice messages on Metro PCS?

Push “1” on your MetroPCS telephone’s keypad and push “Send” to dial your record’s phone message. On the other hand, dial your cell number from a substitute telephone and delay until the call goes to a voice message. Press * and enter your voice message’s password to access your unheard and saved messages.

6. What is a visual phone message?

The visual phone message is an immediate access voice message with a visual interface. Such an interface presents a rundown of directives for playback, instead of the successive listening required utilizing conventional voice message, and may incorporate a record of each message.

7. How do you turn on visual voice messages?

  • Set up Visual Voicemail

  • Go to the Phone application, then, at that point tap the Voicemail tab.

  • Tap Set Up Now.

  • Make a voice message secret phrase, then, at that point tap Done.

  • Enter your secret key again to affirm it, then, at that point tap Done.

  • Select Custom or Default. On the off chance that you pick Custom, you can record another hello.

  • Tap Done to save your hello.

8. How do you check your voice message?

  • To check your voice message:

  • Enter *VM (*86) on your telephone.

  • Tap the Call button.

Follow the prompts to enter your secret key and recover your messages. Note: If you hear your own or a framework welcoming, tap the # key to interfere with the hello and follow the prompts to enter your secret key and recover your messages.

9. How do I get to my voice message on my telephone?

  • Set up a remote voice message on my telephone

  • To get to your voice message, hold down the 1 catch.

  • When incited, enter the impermanent secret key (the last four digits of your remote telephone number).

  • Adhere to the guidelines to set up another secret phrase and record your name and an individual hello (or utilize the default message).

  • You can check your voice message from a landline.

10. How do I check my voice message on my home telephone?

  • Dial your home telephone number, hang tight for your voice message to get, and afterward press 7 during the hello. or then again.

  • Enter your secret phrase followed by the # sign.

  • Look over the menu choices and adhere to the directions. See Listening to your home telephone voice messages for message alternatives.

11. How would I be able to check my voice message on iPhone?

  • To call your voice message and recover messages, follow these means:

  • From the Home screen, tap the Phone symbol.

  • Tap and hold 1 or dial 123 and tap the green Phone symbol to call.

12. How do you set up a phone message on a landline?

Away from home utilizing some other telephone (utilizing your telephone number):

  • Lift the handset of any touch-tone telephone.

  • Dial your 10-digit telephone number.

  • Trust that your call will go into the Voicemail framework; you will hear your Voicemail welcoming.

  • Press the (*) key.

  • Enter your PIN followed by the (#) key.

13. How do I recover my voice message from Spectrum?

To oversee eradicated messages from another telephone:

  • Dial your 7-or 10-digit home phone number.

  • Press * when you hear your voice message welcoming.

  • When incited, enter your PIN followed by #.

  • Press 6 and follow the prompts to get to eradicated messages.

14. How do I discover my letter drop number for voice messages?

To initiate your new AT&T Voicemail Service by dialing the AT&T Voicemail access number from any telephone line, follow these means:

  • Dial the AT&T Voicemail Access Number.

  • Press *

  • Enter the 10-digit phone number where your letter drop is allocated.

  • Enter nothing.

  • Make a password.

  • Record your name.

15. How do I discover my phone message number on iPhone?

To keep away from this, you can change the phone message number on your iPhone so that missed approaching calls are redirected from the iPhone’s default voice message to the framework you at present use. Tap the “Telephone” symbol, then, at that point “Console” to get to the dialer. Enter “500586*0123456789#” utilizing your telephone’s keypad.

16. How do I reset my voice message on my iPhone?

Stage 1: On your iPhone, go to Settings > Phone. Stage 2: Tap the Change Voicemail Password choice. Stage 3: Enter your present voice message secret word, then, at that point tap Done in the upper right corner. Stage 4: Enter another voice message secret word, then, at that point tap Done.

17. How do you recover voice messages on an iPhone?

iOS Advice strolls you through the interaction in the video above, which basically sums to following these means:

  • Open the Phone application and tap the Voicemail area.

18. What is my Apple phone message secret phrase?

Then, at that point follow these means:

  • Explore the site beginning with: Phone/Device - > Reset Voice Mail Pin - > Highlight your portable number - > Submit.

  • Indeed, you’ll see “Secret phrase Incorrect – Enter Voicemail Password.”

  • Enter your versatile number without the space code. Tap OK.

19. What is my secret phrase for a phone message on iPhone?

To reset your voice message secret key from your telephone:

  • Call 611 or 800-331-0500.

  • Enter your remote number beginning with the space code.

  • Press 3 to “find support with a voice message.”

  • Press 3 to reset your phone message secret phrase.

  • Enter your Billing ZIP code.

  • An instant message will be shipped off your remote handset.

20. Why is my visual phone message not accessible?

Go to the Settings application, change Airplane Mode to off, then, at that point switch it back on 30 seconds after the fact. If that doesn’t work, go to Settings > General > Reset and select Reset Network Settings. You additionally should have a go at shutting down your iPhone and betraying.


All things considered it will be difficult for you to get what the you need to do all together erase. Or on the other hand tune in for your voice.

How To Change Voicemail language From Spanish To English Metropcs
First, you have to go on voice mail. Voice mail is the best option to convert Spanish into English. Another option needs to change the setting of your mobile by changing the setting you will be able to convert Spanish into English

Start setup

  • call voicemail
  • put the password#
  • After messaging press 4
  • After that press 2
  • Now press 8
    Now be attentive and listen They will say press 1 for English
    Then press 1 for English. It changes the language into English.

Steps to convert language.

language setting

You can also change the setting to convert the language. the setting is an important part while converting without setting you can’t be able to change.
these are the further steps that must be followed to change the setting.
1:T-Mobile app. then Log in to as PAH. Click more then click Profile Settings and then Language Settings.
2. Log in to as PAH. Shoot your name on the top right. …
3. Robot telephone frame. After accepting IVR, state your appropriate language in English or one Spanish language.
Need to review the video to understand.

Convert Voicemail From Spanish to English on Mobile

here are some steps to Convert Voicemail From Spanish to English on T-Mobile.

1. Set up the schedule.

The best way is to drive a frame because you can do it with your phone. Similarly, it does not require any additional program or highlighting. This way, when you call the draft, press the fourth digit, and it will receive another letter drop. After that, at that moment, press the digit four more times, and it will point you to the replay option. Finally, press seven digits where the language will be translated into English. Surely make up the schedule to convert the language.

2. Use of suitable application.

You can use the app to change the language from Spanish to English if you have a consistent web and mobile organization. You need to download the T-Mobile program on your mobile phone sign in to the record Then, in the meantime, click on Add, and open the language settings from profile settings. From the menu, select English and save settings. It helps to convert language.

3. Must visit their site

If you are unable to open or use the app, we recommend that you open the T-Mobile Authority site and sign in with the authorization login. You need to sign in as the main record holder and tap on the name accessible in the top right corner. In the meantime, click on a different profile and instant language settings. From other accessible options, select English and press the Save button.
If you are unable to use your authorization site or application, we suggest that you choose a different strategy, for example

4. Reset your settings

resetting is also important to convert language. If you think you need to make sure that voice message settings you can call 1 (877) 453-1304 and ask them to reset the phone message.without calling you will not able to convert

5:Resetting VM resources.

Try resetting VM resources.
So press button 1 on your ZTE-Pine. It will call your phone number. That help to reset VM resources.
Enter your PIN code. Number called back for confirmation. The following message provides hosting options.

Voicemail system History
In 1980 Long distance calling decrease
1991 Dismiss by U.S
1982 Installation complete
1973 Prototype system launched

To change the language from Spanish to English we must have a language setting, need to set up a schedule, Use a suitable application, Reset settings, Reset VM resources, Convert voice notes

Frequently Asked Questions.

Related questions about How To Change Voicemail Language From Spanish To English Metropcs are as follow

1:How can we Record notes?

Press 1 for an automatic greeting, 2 for the caller to hear your name, and 3 for the automatic greeting, or personal greeting. If you select option 2 or 3, you will have the option to save data. Voice recordings will be sent for review.

2:How can we use voice mail?

After the thank-you message, press 0 for more details And change other settings.

3:How can we check our voice notes?

You can check your voice note by following the steps
Install * VM (* 86) on your phone.
Click on the Call button

4:How can we Access our voice notes on our phones?

Set up remote control message on your phone
To access your voice message, hold 1. prompted, enter the last secret key (the last four digits of your remote phone number).
Stick to the guidelines for setting up another secret phrase and record your name with each person (or use a default message).
You can check your voice message from the inline.

5:How do I recover my voice message from Simpson?

Dial our home phone number with 7 or 10 numbers.
Press * when you hear your voice message received.
Enter PIN #.
Press 6 and follow your instructions to get the finished messages.

6:How can we reset our notes on iPhone?

1: On iPhone click setting
2: Tap Change Voicemail password.
3: Enter your password for the current voicemail, right now, tap Done in the top right corner.
4: Enter another password for the voice message, then, tap Done.

7:Why our messages are not accessible on visual mobiles?

Go to the Settings app switch to Airplane Mode to turn it off
Turn it back on 30 seconds after the fact.
If it does not work click Settings
go to General then reset and select then reset network settings.
all the settings get changed.


All things considered, will be difficult for you to find what you need to do all together to clear. All the difficulties are part of your work but all that is you need to stand on your side to face the difficulties all you need to do is to follow the given steps to say goodby to all the difficulties Or on the other hand, let your voice.

People also ask

How do I change my voicemail language Metro?
How do I change my voicemail from Spanish to English?
How do I turn off Spanish voicemail?
How do I set my voicemail to English?

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1:How To Change Voicemail Language From Spanish To English Metropcs

How To Change Voicemail Language From Spanish To English Metropcs

I think you made it into your mailbox. Then change the personal options for language to 4, 2, 8 or 9 and then change. For example, help!

Learn Spanish?

Have you changed your Metro PCS voicemail settings from Spanish to English? ^

I tried them all! I called and they asked me to enter the code, which I dialed # 1 and then 1! Why does he still speak Spanish? I don't understand Spanish, all computer settings are in English, I don't understand! The first day with Metro PCS, I heard that the service was good, but the Spanish voicemail was bothering me! Not to mention English, I live in the United States, not Spain. Oh help me if you can! Thank you very much.

How To Change Voicemail Language From Spanish To English Metropcs

How To Change Voicemail Language From Spanish To English Metropcs

Try rearranging VM resources.

So press yld on button 1 on your ZTE-Pne. It will call your phone number. Once the call is rooted, you will receive a message asking you to enter your password.

Enter your PIN code. The number has been called back for verification. The following message provides hosting options.


Press 1 for the default greeting, 2 for the caller to hear your name, then 3 for the default greeting, or personal greeting. If you choose option 2 or 3, you will have the option to save information. The voice recording will be sent for review. If the recording is successful, press # to save it.


After the thank you message, press 0 for more information. Your voicemail is available and ready to use, but you can now create other settings, such as language, date and time, or AutoPlay settings.

Spanish subway

Convert my voicemail from Spanish to English

How To Change Voicemail Language From Spanish To English Metropcs

How to change voice mail language from Spanish to English metro pcs?

To change voicemail language from Spanish to English is a frequently asked question because the one who doesn’t know about the Spanish language will never understand it. Many people prefer the English language because it is easily understandable for everyone.

So, you just need to follow these steps if you want to change it on your telephone:

Open your Mobile setting. Then you have to look down and tap on languages and info. Then tap on languages and chooses the language. Then move your selected language to the top of the menu.

Change voice mail language from Spanish to English:

To change the language of your voice mail on your mobile you must follow the procedure given below

1: long press the number 1 on your dial pad to connect the call with your voice mail.

2: then to get access to the main menu press star (*)

3: to get access to the mailbox option press 4

4: then to change the language you have to press 7.

Set up of voice mail on metro pcs:

Long press key 1 until your phone processing the call to your voice mail. When your voice mail starts playing over the phone you have to press the star (*) key as soon as possible. Then enter your voice mail password if have any then press the key (#).

What is my voicemail?

If you want to check your voicemail most easily. You just open your dial pad and press key 1. Then you have to look closely, it shows a little icon that will look like a tapped recording below. By tapping on it you will immediately go to your voicemail box.

Visual voice mail:

Is it a direct access voice mail along with a visual interface? It can provide the list of messages in the playback. It can also include the transcript of each message. Voice mail helps you to record your call and for later use.

How to turn on visual voicemail?

You just go to the phone app, then press on the voice mail tab.

Then tap setup now.

To make it secure make a password and then do it.

Then for the confirmation enter your password again and then confirm it.

Then you see two options custom or default you have to choose one. If you choose custom then you get new greetings

Then tap on done to save your greetings

Delete a greeting:

If you want to delete greetings then tap in the name of the greetings you want to delete.

Tap delete

Then tap on OK to confirm it.

How can I change my voice mail language back to English:

To change the language at First you have to open the Google voice app.

Then at the top left menu setting is present tap on it.

The in the voice mail section greetings are saved tap on it.

Then next to greetings, tap more set as active.


In this discussion, we get to know that many people prefer the English language nowadays. It is easily understandable for those who are well educated. So to change your voicemail language from Spanish to English can follow a procedure. Voice mail provides a benefit that you can record your calls for later use.

How to change voicemail language:

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
Main menu Choose a personal option from the main menu Choose personal preference from personal message Choose change language from personal message
Listen to message Message notification Change password English
Send a message Personal preference Play back preference French
Greetings Bypass password ON and OFF Recorded name Spanish
Personal option Change language Urdu
Recover deleted and expired messages

How can I change the language on T-Mobile?

To activate voicemail on your T-Mobile. You have to press 1 for a long time to dial your voicemail. Then listen to instructions carefully to enter a security code and set up a greeting. If you want to change your greetings you can change them later whenever you want. You can change it by dialing voicemail and then you have to press start(*) then press 3 and at last press 2 and record a new greeting.

Can I delete my voicemail on T-Mobile?

Yes, you can delete your voice mail. If you want to delete your voicemail then to the phone settings. Tap on apps and apps& notifications. Check the list until you show the voicemail app then tap on it. And then click on the disabled or delete button to delete it.

How do I know if my voicemail is full-on T-Mobile?

If your mailbox is full so, whenever you access your voicemail you can hear a message related to that your mailbox is full. Every caller that tries to leave a voicemail message for you will be notified by the same message. So u never get a new voicemail until you clear some old messages.

Cost of T-Mobile visual voicemail?

It is free to use. Firstly you get a free trial to your voice mail to text. It will transcribe and read a message for you. But if you want to keep it for a long time then you have to pay $4 per month.

T-Mobile transcribe voice mail or not?

Yes, Now the google Mobile voicemail app can transcribe voice mail got T-Mobile users. The owners of pixel and nexus on T-mobiles no have an easy time determining. So, voice mail is worth listening to it.


There are few questions which are related to our topic are as follows:

1:Why my voicemail is not working?

Sometimes due to any update in your voicemail can cause issues. Any type of setting can cause an issue in your voicemail. So, it can stop working. But do not forget to call your voicemail to check that is it set up correctly or not. When you set it up then you are free to use it. You can make it ON and OFF anytime you want.

2:How to get rid of visual voicemail?

If you do not want to use your voicemail and want to get rid of that then,

Tap on the phone icon

And look for the voicemail icon and tap on it.

Tap on the voicemail and then tap on garbage to garbage the icon.

3:What is the difference between visual voicemail and regular voicemail?

When you do not want to pick up a call and decline it. The dialer can hear the greetings that you saved. And then leave a message for you. In your iPhone, the voicemail can show you a list of messages and makes you choose a message you want to hear or delete.

But the regular voicemail can not give you that many advantages.

4:Is it necessary to keep visual voicemail?

No, it is not necessary anymore. Nowadays many different ways are invented to send your message directly by non-visual voicemail mail.

5:What is the difference between visual voicemail and voice mail?

Visual voice mail provides you more advantages over voice mail. Like your messages have appeared on screen just like an email inbox. The main advantage of visual voicemail over voicemail is that Visual voice mail offers more controllability.

6:Why did my visual voicemail disappear?

If your voice mail is not loading and becomes disappear. So incorrect settings may be the issue for that. So you have to call your phone and try to leave a voicemail. You see that voice mail is not picking up your mail. Then it shows that your account is not active. It will be disabled.

7:How can I reset my voicemail password if I forget it?

To reset your password you have to follow the following procedure;

At first tap on the icon of the app.

Tap on the visual voicemail app.

Tap on the Menu key

Then tap on the setting key

Then you see an option you have to tap on change PIN

Now enter your current PIN and then tap on OK.

Then enter the new PIN you want to change and then enter on confirm key to make it confirm.

And in the last tap on OK.

8:What is my voicemail PIN?

Your PIN is similar to your voicemail password. As you know the password is required anytime you wanted to receive mail. Just like that PIN must be entered every time you want to retrieve your voicemail messages. Your voicemail PIN will be the last six digits of your account number.


To change the voicemail language from Spanish to English Is not a difficult job. You just simply call on your voicemail and change it. It is just e tap to go. You can make your voicemail secure by adding a security password. You can change your password anytime. In the voicemail, you can save greetings that are heard to dialer when you reject a call. Voicemail can be used in all types of android mobiles and even on iPhones. It is not necessary to keep voice mail on your Mobile it is your choice.

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How to change Voice mail language from Spanish to English Metropcs is a question which is highly searched, if voicemail setting is changed from English to another language, SIMPLY
Press and hold 1 for voice mail calling then press four and seven. The language will be changed from Spanish to English and vice versa.

What is voicemail?

A voicemail is a voice message delivered by a caller that is stored electronically and retrieved later when the recipient is available. In simple words, a stored voice message in a computer-based system is referred to as voicemail. Voicemail is also called voice message or voicebank. This term is also used for delivering a telecommunication message that was stored in an answering machine.

Why change voicemail language

it really causes trouble for the user as most of the users are either familiar with their native language or to international language like English. Voice mail language can be changed from Spanish to English either by calling voice mail or by going through the mobile setting on a MetroPCS.


Voice mail language can be changed from Spanish to English easily. voice mail is a voice message which is stored for future use. language can be changed by calling or by mobile setting.

Elements of the Voicemail system

CPU Operating system and software are driven through the CPU.Pre recorded prompts in the software talk to the user.
Disk controller disk controller and multiple disk drives are used for storage of messages
System disks It contain directory of all users along with other necessary data
Telephone interface system many phone lines connected through this telephone interface system

How to change voicemail language from Spanish to English

It can be done in two ways

1-Change language from setting

Open the mobile setting

Search for language in the setting

Tap the language option to be selected

Move this selected language to the top of the menu

2-Change language by calling voice mail

Press and hold digit 1 on your dial pad to call voicemail

When the call connects go to the main menu

Then press digit 4 for mailbox access

Now press digit 7 and the language is being changed.

History of voicemail

Voicemail was first introduced in 1980 in the United States of America. It was introduced by TeleVoice international but later TeleVoice international changed into Voicemail international. In real the voicemail system was developed in 1970 but got fame in 1980.


Voicemail is a message that is sent by a caller in recorded voice and stored electronically for later use. various mobile phones give the feature of voice mail and here the important thing going to be discussed is how to change Voicemail language from Spanish to English. Two different ways are used to change the language.

Voicemail to text message

On Android devices, the T-Mobile app called VVM (Visual Voicemail App) can be used either to listen to a message or to view it. Visual voicemail app can also be used on Apple iOS devices.

How to save voicemail messages

Voicemail messages delete automatically after a certain period of time that can be from 14 days to 30 days. If you want to save these messages then follow the given instructions

When you receive a message and after listening to that message you get to know that this message is needed to be stored, you press 9 on your Dialpad and the message will be saved for future use.

How to forward voicemail messages?

Voicemail messages can be forwarded for all devices if voicemail is less than or equal to one month old.

  • First, connect to your voicemail, you can do it either by pressing and holding digit 1 or by dialing 123`on your dial pad.

  • Check for the message you want to forward

  • While listening to the message, press 6 on the dial pad and then select 2 from the given options.

  • Enter digit 10 to forwarded message and then press #. in this way message will be forwarded

How migration of messages can be stopped

Migration will also delete all older messages including played or unplayed. All voicemail messages only stored for a limited period of time of one month. To save the data for future use, forward it by using the above-mentioned procedure.


Voicemail messages remain in voicemail only for one month. After the 30 days periods, messages are deleted automatically. This is applicable for all android and T-Mobile apps. In order to save the messages, the forward option is used. Voicemail messages can either be listened to or can also be viewed as text by using an app called VVM.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Some important questions which are mostly asked about how to change voicemail language from Spanish to English Metropcs are

1-What was Metropcs?

Metropcs was a former version of Metro by T-Mobile. It is a wireless service provider based in the United States of America. It is a mobile communication service based on the wireless feature.

2-Can we save voicemail messages in BlackBerry mobile and how?

Voicemail messages can be stored in blackberry both in the latest BlackBerry 10 and Blackberry 7 or older.

For Blackberry 10:

Use Blackberry Hub or a mobile App for saving the message. Press and hold the selected message and then press save as.

Then select the location and press save. The message will be saved.

For Blackberry 7 or older models:

Visual Voicemail App is used for save purposes in older models of Blackberry. The further procedure remains the same as above.

3-Can we use Voicemail on the computer?

Yes, voicemail messages can be downloaded on windows and can be saved for further use.

T-mobile provides a five-step procedure for this download.

4-Is it possible to send a Voicemail message as an email?

Voice mail messages can be saved, forwarded, downloaded in a computer window and more interestingly can be forwarded as an email by following the given instructions of T-Mobile.

5-What is the Password setting for a voicemail by default?

When a person is using its voicemail on its device, by default no password is asked or required. But in case if your caller ID is blocked, then you need your password for making your caller ID active.

T-Mobile provides two options for its users

  1. Change password

  2. On/off password

6-What playback options does T-Mobile provide to its users?

Following options are available for a T-Mobile user for listening to a message


Voicemail is a recorded voice message that is electronically stored in a computer-based system for later listening in case the recipient uses it later. Voicemail was first introduced in the US in the late 1970s. Sometimes accidentally voicemail setting is changed from English to another language the user wants to know that How to change the Voicemail language from Spanish to English MetroPCS because most of the users are not familiar with the Spanish language while English is a widely used and understood language in the world. Some new data suggests that the use of voicemail is declining day by day, still, most people find it very convenient to use. Messages in the voice mail are stored only for 30 days, so to keep them save either the forward or download option works.

How To Change Voicemail Language From Spanish To English Metropcs

Reset English Voicemail with Pneumatic PC Meter ..? ۔

I have a PNE PCS meter ... for some reason my voicemail responds when I enter my password.

I have the same problem. Someone help me / help us!

Metro PC in French

I guess that's what you did in your mailbox. Then change to Personal Option 4, then to Language 2, 8 or 9 and then Change. For example, help!

How To Change Voicemail Language From Spanish To English Metropcs