How to change name on facebook

There are any number of good reasons to change the name on your [Facebook] account.

Maybe you’re taking on a new spouse’s surname and want your profile to reflect your new name. Or maybe you’ve outgrown your childhood nickname — Billy, let’s say — and want to start going by William instead. Or maybe you just need some change to spice things up.

Why you want to change your name on [Facebook is your business, but how you do it is like this:

Head to [Facebook] and make sure you’re logged in.

1. Click on the dark downward facing triangle at the top right of the page.

![Facebook Menu Arrow]

Click the dark arrow to open a menu.

Steven John

2. On the dropdown menu that appears, click “Settings.”

Clicking “Settings” will allow you to choose your account preferences.

Steven John

3. You should now be on the General Account Settings Page. Next to your name, click the word “Edit.”

Your name should be the first thing listed.

Steven John

4. In the boxes at the top of the page, type in the new name you wish to use.

Facebook will give you the option to look over your change before accepting it.

Steven John

5. Click “Review Change.”

6. In the popup, check the new name to make sure you’re satisfied, then type in your password and click “Save Changes.”

Facebook Save Your Name

Choose which display name you’d like, and click “Save Changes” to put it into effect.

Steven John

You now have a brand new name on Facebook with an otherwise unaffected account.

What to know about changing your name on Facebook

Some social media platforms let you change your name as often as you want. Not so much with Facebook: they only allow for one name change in a 60-day period. And if you change your name too often, that can extend to 120 days.

Also, unlike other platforms, Facebook wants you to use your real name. They allow for common derivative names, like Bob for Robert, Liz for Elizabeth, and Larry for Lawrence, but they don’t want pseudonyms or nonsense names.

If you use a fake name, you risk being banned from Facebook. The company’s own stated policy on the matter [reads], in part: “Facebook is a community where everyone uses the name they go by in everyday life. This makes it so that you always know who you’re connecting with.”

The good news is that as long as your name change complies with Facebook’s policies, it won’t have any negative impact on your account. Your [friends] will still be able to interact with you in all the same ways, no new connections needed, and any pictures or posts in which your former name was tagged will now show your new name.

How to change your name on Facebook

In this day and age, a Facebook name carries more weight and identity than a physical listing in the Yellow Pages. Your online name serves as a portal of sorts, ushering friends and family to discover and navigate your timeline, while offering a touch of personalization in the form of additional nicknames, professional titles, and the like. However, there are more plausible reasons than you might expect for changing your Facebook name to something more appropriately suited for you. The best part? It only takes a matter of seconds to get that new title of yours.

Perhaps you recently married and want to take on your significant other’s last name or want a way to better hide your online identity from prospective job employers. Or you may decide you have a newfound fondness for your middle name or simply want a way to distance yourself from that horrendous alias that donned the top of your profile page throughout your college career. We can’t blame you.

Here’s our guide on how to change your Facebook name no matter the embarrassing, lucrative, or otherwise smart decision for doing so. It’s time to set the record straight once and for all.

Review Facebook’s name standards

If you’re going to change your Facebook name, you might as well make sure it fits the service’s name standards. Facebook supposedly requires each individual to provide his or her real name — something many people skirt around — but certain characters, punctuation marks, and inappropriate words will not pass muster regardless. Keep in mind Facebook only allows you to change your name “a few times,” so make sure you decide upon a name you can live with as you’ll never know when it’s the last time.

Login to your Facebook account

Once you know what you can and can’t do with your new name, it’s time to get started. Launch your favorite browser and sign in to Facebook as you would normally, entering your email or phone number and providing your password before navigating to the homepage.

Access the General Account Settings

Next, go to your feed and click the blue down arrow in the upper-right corner of the homepage. From the dropdown menu, select Settings . The General Account Settings tab should open by default, but simply click the General option on the left-hand side to bring up the main interface if it doesn’t.

Facebook General Settings

Change your name

Now you can make the big name change. Click the blue Edit button in the top-right corner next to your name to access the main name settings. Type in your desired first, middle, and desired last names before specifying your display name from the drop-down menu below the three text boxes.

e sure you like any changes you make because you can’t change your name again for 60 days. When finished, click Review Change , enter your password in the field below and click the blue Save Changes button.

Facebook name change

What happens next

Allow up to 24 hours for the appropriate name changes to take effect. If you choose to display your alternate name alongside your real name, it will appear below your actual name at the top of your personal timeline.