How to calculate percentage increase

Percentage increase

The Percentage Increase Calculator finds the expansion starting with one worth then onto the next as far as a rate.

Enter beginning worth and last an incentive to discover rate increment.


The most effective method to Calculate Percentage Increase

  • Take away last worth short beginning worth

  • Separation that sum by the supreme estimation of the beginning worth

  • Duplicate by 100 to get percent expansion

  • In the event that the rate is negative, it implies there was an abatement and not an expansion.

  • Rate Increase Formula

  • You can utilize the rate increment recipe for any percent expansion count:

  • Rate Increase=Final Value−Starting Value|Starting Value|×100

Model Problem: Percentage Increase


how to calculate percentage change
how to calculate percentage of a number


A year ago your preferred pants cost $36 per pair. This year they cost $45 per pair. What is the rate increment in the cost of these pants from a year ago to this year?

Rate Increase = [ (Final Value - Starting Value)/|Starting Value| ] × 100

45 - 36 = 9

9/36 = 0.25

0.25 × 100 = 25%

So the cost of your preferred pants expanded by 25% from a year ago to this year

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