How to calculate percentage change

Percentage Change

To act as an illustration of computing rate change in a genuine situation, think about Bob, who worked an aggregate of 35 hours in January. In February, he worked 45.5 hours, by what rate did Bob’s working hours increment in February?

To explain this estimation, first figure the distinction in quite a while between the new and old numbers. 45.5 - 35 hours = 10.5 hours more hours worked by Bob in February. To work out the expansion as a rate, partition the expansion by the first (January) number:

10.5 ÷ 35 = 0.3

At last, to get the rate we duplicate the appropriate response by 100. This basically implies moving the decimal spot two segments to one side.

0.3 × 100 = 30

In this manner, Bob worked 30 percent a larger number of hours in February than he did in January.

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