How to Buy Instagram Followers At Low Prices?

At first, I thought buying followers was a futile act, because what’s the point of having a lot of Ig followers but no one knows us. It’s the same as our accounts are filled with illusions. But after hearing the reasons some people buy followers, I conclude that buying followers is not the wrong thing to do. We never know what noble purpose behind their actions. This time I will share the experience of buying Instagram followers.

When viewed from a kind point of view, buying followers is a noble act, because indirectly we have helped the sales service economy of these followers. With a follower buyer, the follower seller’s service kitchen can steam again and their families can eat. Isn’t this a noble deed? Hahaha.

How to find more followers for Instagram ?

Back again to the topic of buying followers. Because I wanted to find out what the process of buying followers was, I decided to buy it. First, I did research on the internet about followers selling services. It turns out that there are various types of sales services, some specifically sell followers, sell likes, and also sell comments. Some services sell the entire package. Then there are also many types of followers chosen. There are original followers (active accounts), bot followers (robot accounts), Singapore followers, and also overseas followers. Then finally I bought followers on the site

Instagram Followers Prices vary

The price itself varies greatly. Usually, we can buy followers starting from 100 accounts to 10,000 accounts. The most expensive ones are usually active followers from Indonesia. At that moment, I decided to buy 100 active Singapore followers and 100 more Singapore bot followers. The buying and selling process is also very easy. The service is friendly and the conditions are easy to fulfill. At that time I was asked to provide my Ig username and my Ig profile info. The goal is to make the process of adding followers to my account easy. Oh yes, the seller of these followers also asked that my Ig account be opened or not private. Because if you make it private, you can’t add followers.

The process of waiting for these followers was surprisingly fast. The seller said that adding followers took about 1-24 hours. My experience at that time, I bought it in the morning, and in the afternoon my Ig followers immediately increased. I saw that the number of followers added to be 200. It turns out that the follower’s seller gave me an additional 100 followers.

When I checked the follower’s account, it turned out to be an active account. The active account in question belongs to Singapore and is used regularly. Meanwhile, the bot account is the same as a fake account in general. There is no activity on the bot account. When I looked for the information, it turned out that the follower seller service did have a pretty large database of Ig accounts. Usually, these accounts are obtained in many ways, such as from clicking on ads, downloading applications, or accounts that have bought followers from them. So, for example, like me who buys followers, my Ig automatically becomes their database. When someone buys a follower, my account can be included.


Surely you have experienced in your Ig an account that suddenly appears even though as far as you remember you never followed it. So that’s how these services get it. After several months of buying followers, there was indeed a decrease in followers on my account. This is indeed unavoidable and experienced by all buyer followers. The number of 100 bot accounts that I bought did not decrease, but from the 100 active accounts, I purchased the number decreased by about 20%. That’s a little buying experience for Instagram followers.