How to Buy a Gaming Laptop or Gaming PC

Buying a laptop or buying a computer is not easy work. When you are buying a computer or laptop for a special purpose for gaming then it’s become quite difficult. The specification of the game especially heavy games is essential to be known to have the right decision at right time.

There are lots of pc and laptop games. Some games very light and can be said as simple games. These simple games do not require too high a configuration. Even simple or general office computers or laptops are ok to run these types of games.

But there are some other high graphics game, those are not sufficient with the simple type of computer. The games like counter strike, pub g, the war of thrones, age of empires are high loading games. They need a special configuration game. So. Here we explain and discuss those game running computers.

Whenever you are planning to run or play these high memory and graphics games then you need to plan to buy a laptop or pc that can play heavy games.
Buy a good Computer surely the price will be much higher than those general laptops. In order to play great game, you need to have a very good configuration, must have a CPU, discrete GPU and RAM and big storage hard drive

Gaming Laptop or pc monitors should buy larger sizes like 14, 15, 17 or 18 inches. The smaller screen is no use. The computer configuration and the ability to upgrade the hardware will be according to the size, the bigger the machine

Basic Gaming configuration for computer

The Gaming Computer configuration should be

  • 4-core CPU,
  • discrete GPU of NVidia or AMD.
  • 8GB RAM or higher and
  • 500GB hard drive or more, can include an SSD drive

If you are planning to play games on a laptop, you should plan the computer with good graphics cards such as ASUS ROG or MSI which is as the Laptops for gaming.

But, if your game are not graphic dependent or low computer you can still count on Iris graphics. on Intel Core chips. Look for chip models with Iris 580, 550 or 540 GPUs would be ok.

In general, saying, for the computer to play games, you need to get good video card and the graphics processing chip (CPU) unit.

When you are playing a game that requires a separate graphics card memory, you can try the NVidia GeForce and AMD / ATI Radeon series. These graphic card with the higher memory are very good to death with the gaming pc or gaming laptop