How To Breed Rare Punkleton

How To Breed Rare Punkleton

How do I grow a shrub?

The bush can be produced by breeding monsters with the elements of plant and earth.

And how is an octopus raised?

Octopus can be created by breeding monsters that contain the plant and the elements of water. On Shugabush Island, Oactopus must be purchased with diamonds or teleported from any other island it is on (other than gold) when it reaches level 15.

How long does it take to grow a Shugabush?

The combination for growing Shugabush uses Clamble and Bowgart. This is a tested combination and the growth time is 35 hours, which should be displayed as 01: 10: 59: 59.

How is a punk clay raised?

The Punkleton Monster Breeding Breeding Suit uses a TRox Monster and a Bowgart Monster. We have confirmed that this is the only combination that will allow you to breed this limited edition monster.

Can you breed rare monsters?

Propagate. The rare can only be grown or purchased if something goes wrong. Rare monsters with two or more items are raised in the same way as regular monsters, requiring level 4 or higher parents. Parents can be common or infrequent.

How to grow shrubs on a cold island?

Shrub can be created by breeding monsters with the elements plant and earth.

How do I breed a rare cybop?

Contest [3] The rare Cybop monster can only be bred or purchased during certain weekend events. Parents are the same as in regular Cybop. The combination is: tweedle + pumpkin.

How do I grow a rare FWOG?

The combination to grow the rare nebula is similar to the regular fwog, so try pairing a teencaster with a pumpkin ... if you don't want to grow it, you can buy it for 40 diamonds. Rare Fog lives on the same islands as Common Fog: Plant Island, Air Island and Water Island.

How do you grow a rare tweedle?

Rare Tweedle can be bred with any triple monster combination that contains the Air: Congle element. Pompon. shellfish. Reedling. Sponge. Thumbs up. Seagull. Beard.

How long does it take to reproduce a punk tone?

2016, Punkleton returned on April 15th and lasted 72 hours. In 2017, an off-season breeding took place in April 2124. In 2018 it was available on Friday 13 April for 72 hours with Rare Punkleton and Rare Furcorn.

How long does it take to breed a rare punk tone?

32 hours

How long does it take to breed a rare mammoth?

Growth time is 6 hours.

How much does a Wubbox cost?

1) Buy Wubbox The normal cost is 75,000,000 (yes 75 million) coins. But sometimes it is an event that cuts the costs in half, something big (but rare).

How do I raise a blabbit?

To breed the Blabbit monster, we have confirmed that you must use the Scups monster and the Spunge monster. The incubation period is 19 hours, which should be 18:59:59. As you breed, be aware that this monster is very rare which means it can be difficult to breed for your game.

Is it possible to grow a wubbox?

Wubbox cannot be played, can only be purchased on the market.

How To Breed Rare Punkleton