How to Book Affordable International Flights From New York?

How many airports are there in New York?

There are four major airports in New York that you can use when you want to take a New York to Delhi flight. The most popular airport in New York is the John F Kennedy Airport (JFK), and it is preferred by a majority of the travelers.

The second airport is the Newark Liberty Airport (EWR), and it is preferred by people living on the west-side of Manhattan. The LaGuardia Airport and the Buffalo Niagara International Airport are the two remaining ones closest to the city. Although small, these airports can be used when you are trying to save money.

What is the best airport for getting international flight deals from New York?

The John F Kennedy Airport (JFK) and the Newark Liberty Airport (EWR) are two of the biggest airports close to New York and should be preferred by people looking to book cheap tickets to India.

Are direct flight routes to India available from New York?

Non-stop or direct flights are available from New York to India. You can easily take a direct flight from New York to some of the major cities around the country like Delhi, Mumbai, etc.

How can I bag cheap flights from New York to India?

Bagging cheap flights from New York to India can be a confusing and exhausting task. Given that there are multiple airports you can use and even more flight options, booking a flight that ticks all your criteria can tire you. As New York is a popular city, and there are many great destinations that you can fly to in India, many people can find it hard to make a final decision.

So, here we have a list of hacks that can help you out immensely in your search for budget-friendly flight tickets to a city of your liking. These hacks can not only save your money, but they can also help you avoid hassle and allow you to book your tickets with ease. So, read on to find out how you can get the plane tickets of your dreams when flying to India.

Get those red-eye flights:

When you look for flight tickets from New York to India, you will come across multiple flight options. The flights that you see are offered at different times. Some flights may take off early in the morning, and others might take off in the evening or late at night. The flights flying too early or too late aren’t as popular among travelers, as compared to the ones that take off during the day.

These flights are known as red-eye flights. Given that most people do not prefer these red-eye flights, it is only natural that the tickets for these flights are much cheaper in comparison. So, if you can, grab a red-eye flight and save money on your plane tickets when you need to.

Opt for alternate airports:

Any time you fly to or from a destination, you should always check the airport that you will be choosing. More often than not, you will find that there are multiple airport options available. Further research will tell you that flying to and from some airports costs much less than flying to or from other airports.

Spending your time researching what airports are cheaper when booking your flights to India from New York can be very profitable in the long run. So, do not slack off on the research and find the tickets that suit you the most.

Pick budget airline carriers:

When you book your plane tickets, you will notice that some airlines are much cheaper than the others. That is because some airlines offer many more amenities to passengers than others. The more facilities you get, the higher the price.

So, if you are willing to compromise a little on luxury, then you can get some great ticket offers. Many budget airlines have come up in recent years. These offer you some great flight options at affordable prices.

Given the competition, the prices are quite cheap, and you can save a ton of money when you book with them. So, if you do not mind giving up some creature comforts to save money that you can spend on other aspects of your trip, then budget airlines are your best option.

Avoid booking direct flights:

Direct flights sound wonderful when you travel as you can save a lot of time. But, given the convenience, direct flights also cost much more than connecting flights. If you have to stick to a tight budget, then booking connecting flights instead of direct flights is a great idea. Doing so will help you in saving a lot of money.

Taking a connecting flight also allows you to break your journey instead of taking one super long and tiring flight. You can even choose to take layovers at destinations of your choice, so you can relax all you want. Always make sure that you do your research and find out which flight costs you the most.

Redeem your points and miles:

Becoming a member of the loyalty program offered by airlines is the first thing you need to do if you are looking to save money on your flight tickets. Once you become a member of these loyalty programs, you can earn miles or points each time you fly.

These points or miles that you accumulate can then be redeemed to book pocket-friendly flight tickets to save your money. Apart from getting cheap plane tickets, you can also get upgrades on the tickets that you buy. These points can also help you in unlocking several other amenities that will help in making your trip a comfortable and enjoyable one.


These ingenious hacks can get you the tickets that you want and need. No matter what your budget is, these tips can help you stick to it without compromising your comfort. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to fly away to India and enjoy a vacation of a lifetime. Don’t forget to put these tricks to good use when you are looking for your flight tickets. Au Revoir!