How To Beat Sans

How To Beat Sans

Can you kill Sans?

Sans does not count as a kill in the stats menu and the game does not record whether he was killed or not.

Can you beat Sans in this regard?

Sans has 24 attacks, but some are repeated many times. Sans starts the game with his strongest punch, which can keep many new players on their toes. But it will always be the same move. So once you learn how to avoid it, you can avoid it as many times as you want.

How long does it take to kill Sans?

Somewhere around 11pmWith that in mind, how many attacks does it take to kill Sans?

After Sans completes the first attack, there are only 13 lines of dialogue.

What happens if the power runs out on the first try?

It is possible, whatever you intend to try first. First test with combat experience Without: It is possible. If you have experience in sans combat, you will know which attacks will be hit, when and how. Try it first without seeing the game - it’s nearly impossible.

Does Sans really have 1 horse?

Sans has an HP in coding, so technically the barrel.

How do you skip the battle of Sans?

Sans does not count as a kill in the stats menu and the game does not record whether or not he is killed. This allows the player to skip the Sanss combat by changing the main character’s room from 231 (room_sanscorridor) to 232 (room_castle_finalshoehorn) in the SAVE file.

Can you save your mind when she falls asleep?

There is no way to worship sans. You must attack because his rescue (before he proposes) will not activate his chats and you will do the same until he dies. You can’t go to the mercy button when he’s sleeping, he can only go to fight.

Why are the SANS fighting so hard?

It is difficult without a fight. Because you need a lot of muscle memory to break it down. He killed me when I was over 70 and tried to hit him. It is also difficult that you need PRECISION.

Can papyrus kill you?

Why can Sans evade?

But that didn’t stop Sans from being strong. He didn’t hit, so he learned to dodge, even against a human. The reason Sans is so pessimistic and jokes is because he knows he can die by hitting his elbow on a table.

What are the best elements of the SANS fight?

Here is the ideal list of items you should have:

How is the mind so powerful?

And that’s also why he can dodge cool / chara attacks so often, another reason he’s such a powerful cause of his karmic retribution that it acts like a poison and slowly wipes out players HP. you died too often

Sans wears a shirt?

Sans appears as a short, slender skeleton with a deeper smile, large eye contacts, and perfectly aligned teeth. She is wearing a blue hoodie, a white t-shirt / sweater, black shorts with white lining and a pair of slippers.

What does Sans say when you fight him?

What are the powerless?

Powers and abilities

What does NOK mean in Undertale?

Karmic Retribution

Why Does Sans Have a Black Eye?

Simple answer: it probably glows blue and yellow because these are the colors of patience and righteousness. He had a lot of patience waiting until the end of the game to do justice to the maniac of the genocide.

How old is Sans Undertale?

Well, we know he must be older than Sans, and Sans, older than Papyrus, we already have a papyrus age, which is 17, which means Sans must be at least two years older.

What if you save Sans?

How do you beat a difficult person in a fight?

To take down a strong person in combat, you need to stand at least one arm away so that he cannot hit you with a fatal ■■■■. Once you are in range, move on to become a more difficult target. You should also protect your face and neck with your forearms, as these are the most sensitive areas.

How can you cheat in Undertale?

How To Beat Sans