How To Add Salt To Rice After Cooked

How To Add Salt To Rice After Cooked

What should I do if I forget to add salt while cooking rice? 3

I forgot to add salt while the rice was cooking and I didn't get any salt ... anyone can answer, please answer.

Add salt to greens, lentils or curry that you mix with rice.

In my country, rice is the staple food and we cook it without salt. Rice cooked without salt is always safe to eat. =)

But if you still want it with salt, try dissolving it in warm water. Put evenly in your pan and cook for a few minutes. Be careful not to burn the rice.

If you add salt after the rice is cooked, it tastes the same.

Dissolve the salt in a little water and bring to a boil, or sprinkle the salt directly on the plate on the table with the sprinkler.

It doesn't matter. Enjoy!

Just place the salt shaker around the table.

I'm from the Middle East ... Rice is our staple food ... but my doctor doesn't give me salt in principle ... I just cook with it and put whatever I want on the table. .. _

Rice should be cooked with salt or seasoned with salt. But if you want to add salt, drink a little salt water and mix.

How To Add Salt To Rice After Cooked