How The Evolution of Gothic Dresses Occured Since 1970s

We come across the term gothic fashion every now and then, but only a handful actually know what it actually is. Gothic fashion is a dressing style that is “marked by dark, mysterious, antiquated and homogenous features” and are usually worn by the members of the “Goth subculture”, as is defined by a website.

Origin of Gothic Culture

Gothic subculture began in the United Kingdom way back during the 1980s, and was made popular by the fans and followers of gothic rock.

A typical gothic fashion includes anything and everything in darker colours, mostly black, or dark maroon and dark violet. Dark-coloured alternative dresses, dyed hair, dark make-up, accessories with totem and other dark symbols, tattoos and body piercings are some of the other features of Gothic fashion.

As any other styles, the gothic subculture too, evolved with ages. It started way back in the 1970s, but was popularised in the ‘80s.

As it started, Gothic fashion in the ‘70s was more about dark-coloured clothing, with added elements like laces, frills, chokers and bodices. It was more of a punky dressing. In the 1980s, the classic trend of women’s gothic clothing was followed. Black clothing and dishevelled or backcombed hair, with winklepicker boots or brothel creeper shoes, were the common attires of the traditional goths.

Cybergoth Subculture

The cybergoth subculture emerged much late in the 1990s in America. Also known as rivethead subculture, which originated from the people associated with industrial dance music, are comparatively newer in the fashion scene. Fashion designers of the 21st century, Rick Owens, Anna Sui, Hedi Slimane, brought Gothic fashion on to the ramp.


Wholesale Gothic clothing are easily available online for you to buy, but before buying one, choose the type you want to adapt to.

Deathrock, Haute Goth Style, Steampunk, Gothic Lolita, Traditional Goth, Aristocrat, Cybergoth are some of the most popular Gothic subcultures that people followed over the decades.