How Tall Is Nastia Liukin

How Tall Is Nastia Liukin

Is Nastya Lucan tall? 3

Does anyone know


I'm sure he's not 52, he's big.

Nastia Liukin is 53 years old.

Yes, he is the best gymnast of the American team, but the reason is that everyone is safe. Shaw Johnson is 49 years old, Alicia Sacramento is 51 years old, and so on. And almost all of these gymnasts are under the age of 50.

Anna (Nastya's mother) is 57 years old, Valerie (Nastya's mother) is 54 years old.

Nastya was always bigger than that. He must be 53 years old. But she has slender legs that make her look taller.

How Tall Is Nastia Liukin