How Soon Is Too Soon To Propose

How Soon Is Too Soon To Propose

Is it too early to apply a year and a half ago?

I think the timing is right


Ok me

One and a half years is too much ha ha. If you think this is him and he is ready, then hurry up. I have a friend who proposed for 56 months and I am happily married.

Certainly not too soon. If you think it's okay and okay, do it. As long as you think he thinks like you, that's fine. Peace be upon you and your loved ones =]

Only you can really answer that question. The exact time does not depend on how much time you save, but on the quality of the time, your feelings for each other, your commitment to each other and whether you have found the right time for yourself. ۔ In your heart and in your head. !!!

It's not too early yet. My fianc and I were friends for a year, then we were together for a year and he asked her to marry him.

If you meet her at 21, no, it's not too soon. If you met her under the age of 21, wait another year. If you met in high school ... wait until you graduate from college. Welcome.

How Soon Is Too Soon To Propose

How Soon Is Too Soon To Propose

I think it's okay to spend time.

When you feel good, do it.

Parents may think it's too early (when you're young).

I think when you are 100% sure you want it, now is the time to come up with something out of the ordinary. If not here's a new product just for you!

Not in a hurry Sometimes when you know it's okay, you know. Don't let regular hours change your mind

How Soon Is Too Soon To Propose