How Paper-Based Cosmetic Boxes are the Best?

From necessary packaging that wraps products to the premium ones to keeping products safe during the whole shipment, quality paper-based packaging can protect and entice. A study recently conducted by Paper and Packaging Board shows that people are seamlessly in love with paper packaging like cardboard and kraft boxes.

The same goes for cosmetics; a similar audience group is applicable to all retail products. The use of eco-friendly packaging can provide you with a wide range of benefits; here are the most prominent of them.

Great Sustainability

Paper-based packaging is a sustainable, renewable supply that comes from trees. More than 96% of corrugated packaging in the USA is recovered. And almost all of it is recycled to make more cosmetic boxes and other paper products.

Out of 10, 6 people surveyed would purchase products in kraft or cardboard so they can reuse the packaging again. 78% of respondents to a recent Paper and Packaging Board survey say they are more likely to buy products in paper and cardboard packaging because they are better for the environment.

If you want to compete with premium cosmetic brands in the market, paper packaging can be your ladder. Moreover, custom printed cosmetic boxes are also extremely economical to purchase.

Paper Boxes Consume Fewer Resources.

Paper packaging plays an essential role in minimizing the damage and increasing its life. On average, paper-based packaging uses fewer resources, energy, and water than the other packagings. As it uses fewer resources, paper cosmetic boxes are also very cheap.

FUN FACT: Paper degrades faster than an apple core.

Helps you cover a broader market

The cosmetic market is larger than a lot of us realize. Despite this massive market, a majority of them are the ones who are well aware of the rising temperature of our planet. So, as they can’t get over emitting carbon into the atmosphere, they instead tend to compensate for their fossil fuel emission using eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging boxes. Therefore, if your cosmetic brand is offering custom cosmetic boxes prepared with 100% all-natural materials, your brand will cover a broader market.

According to a PPC study (Paperboard Packaging Council), the companies who shift from plastic to paper packaging experience a 200% rise in their annual sales.

Helps you save cost

Apart from plastic that is recommended for any type of packaging, all other packaging materials are highly expensive. Whereas, when it comes to paper packaging, nothing can beat this at a price. As paper packaging is already inexpensive, there is another way to decrease the overall cost further.

Final Thoughts

You can reduce your packaging cost by buying cosmetic boxes at wholesale rates. Packaging companies offer massive discounts and price cuts for businesses that are buying packaging boxes in bulk. Bulk buying always helps you save money, as when you box in large quantity you only have to bear overheads for only once. Such overheads include transportation and other hidden expenses that most of us don’t consider.