How Old Is Mya

How Old Is Mya

How old is R&B singer Mya?

Born Ma Marie Harrison October 10, 1979 Washington, DC, USA
other names MyaRe Smoove Jones
activities Singer songwriter producer actress designer
active years 1996 - today
People also ask: Does Sanger Mya have a baby? RAY J AND PRINCESS WIFE WELCOME TO THE KIDS **** Update: Myas' press secretary says she's not pregnant: Mya is NOT actually pregnant and she doesn't even know the people named in the allegations. According to HiPHossip's Kemi, singer Mya is pregnant with her first child. ### Also, how much is Mya worth? As of March 2020, Mya had an estimated net worth of $ 5 million. She has made her fortune as an R&B singer, dancer, record producer, actress, model, philanthropist and activist. You made a fortune as a solo artist with Interscope Records. ### People also ask: How old is the artist Mya?

40 years (10 October 1979)What happened to R&B singer Mya?

In 2008, R&B singer Mya decided to stand out from the crowd. She has faced a number of problems including label changes, abuse and album losses. Then she decided to start her own Planet 9 label and release her music independently.

What does Mya represent?

Millions of years ago

Who is Mya dating?

Mya’s Friends: Has had at least 7 relationships before. Mya was never engaged. Mya has been compared to DeSean Jackson (2011-2012), Larry Johnson (American Football) (2010-2011), Game (2005), Silk The Shocker (1996-2000) and Jay Z.

Who is the Mya man?

In the past, Mya has been romantically linked to Dave East, Larry Johnson, The Game, JayZ and others. Her relationship status has been a secret for years, and even in our interview with the star over a year ago, she refused to reveal any details about her love life.

Who is Mya’s father?

Sherman Harrison

Is Mya Jamaican?

Does Mya have a boyfriend?

Mya’s friends and husband:

Who are Mya’s parents?

Sherman Harrison Far

When Was Mya Born?

October 10, 1979 (age 40)

What was Mya’s first song?

It’s about me

When did Mya sing?

How rich is Mary J Blige?

Mary J Blige Net Worth: Mary J Blige is a New York-based singer, songwriter, and producer with a net worth of $ 20 million.

What is Mya’s real name?

Mýa Marie Harrison

What does Mya represent over time?

Millions of years ago

Who Owns MYA Cosmetic Surgery?

John Ryan

How Much Is Mya Worth in 2019?

Is Mya ■■■■?

Death (2002-2019)

What is Mya in Spanish?

How Old Is Mya