How Old Is Levi Ackerman

How Old Is Levi Ackerman

How old is Levi Ackerman?

Levi Ackerman is 34, not 16 and 17, it looks like he's 16 or 17

I strongly doubt that Levi is actually 30 years old. I think when Osama said that Levi is very old and there are many secrets behind him, he made me think that Levi is much older than what we thought he was hiding and He said that he prefers to make doors, so it is completely crazy. . This Isamama is a master when he suspends others with his satire ...

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But the atmosphere is great! After 5 turns, Erin is 15 years old so if you drive he is actually 20 years old and Levi is your age because he is less than 5 so he is 30 years old.

How Old Is Levi Ackerman

How Old Is Levi Ackerman

Based on Lewis' rank and military history, he should have been in his thirties.

I provided an old ugg section, wrinkles are very difficult to create. I will leave them The mindset of the manga creator Asayama. Have you ever seen manga art? Not the most professional.

One of the many secrets revealed by Osama in the interview is the age of Lewis. He said that the Levites were very old, but he refused to give a proper answer. Source: ...

Therefore, it strengthens the age of 30 years.

Levy is surprisingly older or over 30 years old, but it was later revealed that he is actually 34 years old. In one: No, it's 5 years ago (Erin, Mexa and Armen joined the army) and she was 29 at the time. Therefore, it may or may not be appropriate.


People always say that Levi is Micah's wife, but she ****** 34 and 17 Micahs in the head pass the check pass !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

I read somewhere that he is 34 years old.

How Old Is Levi Ackerman