How Much To Tip For A $300 Tattoo

How Much To Tip For A $300 Tattoo

What's the right tip for a $ 300 tattoo? 3

I will get my first tattoo this week. I travel to get one, my budget is tight and the artist is a friend of a friend.

I got a really big tattoo, paid $ 300 for it, and booked a 5 hour session.

So far I have been very impressed with the artist, his SP, his work and SP customer service.

But I'm in a trance, I don't know what to do with it. I'm on a very tight budget, but I don't want to upset you with a bad tip.

What is the correct advice if it is right instead of PERFECT?


I do this on the day I get paid. Is it rude to pierce (if I have more than 3) and meet for a tip the next day?

Just a pinch because I'm on a very tight budget.

There is not much you can do when your budget is tight. I will tell my son if I tip him if he thinks I have extra money (I always pay in advance and he tells me how much it costs that day because I often go to his house) )۔ He'll figure out if he can tip 15 that day.

I think it's worth it because I only go to her house to get my tattoo and I always recommend it. I tip more when I can, but repetitive transactions say it too.

If your Tate is $ 300, try to tip at least 50. You will understand that time is bad.

General rule: Tip like a restaurant. Ideally, if you really value your artist's work, you may want to tip 15-20%. You seem to know a lot about tattoos. I don't know where you come from, but 5 300 for a 5 hour job is a lot less than what I would pay for a special job (usually about 100-150 / hour where I come from). It will be 20% and maybe a little more if you can. For example it helps and it's great!

Edited to add: I'll give you a tip on Tattoo Day. He doesn't know you'll be back the next day and it can be a little uncomfortable. Only my 2 cents, hard ...

300 tattoos

Don't charge so much. ڈالر 40 secondary joke. It should be fine too, it depends on your work, if it is very good it is high, otherwise it reduces $ 10, it depends on the day, it is some work for you, it is only 300 , But already working on the small. You can have as many tattoos as possible at the same time, this is your tattoo, you decide if you want to be happy. Remember, he will remember the g-tipsters and will be happy to make them for you.

You can get good deals from friends for just $ 300. A 5 hour tattoo will cost 500. I would tip 70,100. That's fair.

How Much To Tip For A $300 Tattoo