How Much Pedialyte For 9 Month Old

How Much Pedialyte For 9 Month Old

Pedialyte and my 9 month old son ...? 3

On my doctor's recommendation, I bought Pedialyte for my sick child and he never gave me any dosage information. The office is closed now, so I trust you. It weighs 19 pounds. How much does he know about you and what you have to offer? In the bottle or alone? Thank you very much

6 months, approximately 18 pounds (8.2 kg) 3642 liter 2 bottles

9 months, approximately 21 pounds (9.5 kg) 3945 liters 2 bottles

You can get this information by prescribing 2 bottles daily.

Can be given to children up to 912 months, but use only as directed by a doctor. If you do not use it or overuse it, it can lead to more health problems. Therefore, if you need to use electrolyte solution, consult your pediatrician. Other nodes perform similar actions. There is usually a shop, and I think Gerber also has a shop. Some people use Gatorade, but I think it's better for older children. You should also talk to your doctor about this.

My son took it a month ago. Fever with diarrhea!

For example, we just mixed Pedialyt Clear with juice. You can also buy pedialite frozen ice cream with a toothpick! My PE Mary is OK! Spoil!

You can give as much as you want. When my daughter has an ear infection, teething, fever, etc. Mix 23 oz with juice to make a 6 oz bottle. (She is 1 year old now)

It only contains a lot of electrolytes to protect you from dehydration.

Even tasty food tastes like this, so I buy and mix them at a time. And I didn't buy any other names, even though they look the same and the price is very cheap, but I just spent on that thing.

Oh, and I take turns, a bottle of juice, a bottle of formula ... and he always has one near his playground so he can drink it himself.

How Much Pedialyte For 9 Month Old