How Much Is A Wrist Tattoo

How Much Is A Wrist Tattoo

How much does a small cross tattoo (on the wrist) cost? 3

I would like to request a cross tattoo for my 14th birthday. I don't know if it's expensive and I want to know. The cross will be small and will respond. Thanks 4 !! XD

In most PLCs at least e. Where I live they will ask 40-60, depending on the size and details of the cross. Also, since you are 14 years old, they will not get any tattoos on you. I hate to say it and I know you've heard it, but you have to wait and see. Many people would prefer not to get a tattoo at the age of 14 and would not like to have it on their wrist. It's not even on my wrist because I always want to keep my professionalism quiet. You have to wait at least a few years on your project and sit down to make sure you still want it. Your friends will not hate you for not getting a tattoo, you will be fine.

Call or meet with your local tattoo specialist ... View artists' books (most of the books describe the personal work done by their artists over the years). Grisaille (ink only, no ink) costs less, while ink costs more and can be even more expensive depending on what color you want. (Some should be confused with leather or more expensive)

To let you know, your mom, dad, or parents or guardians need to sign a form stating that you can get a tattoo, as most companies will not allow anyone under the age of 18. Do not allow tattoos. I'm still not sure if any true SP will tattoo this young man.

Remember that every SP is different, as is every artist. They all charge different fees and have different ideas about the price.

Flower tattoo

If it's a quarter size and all the paint, it costs about ً 20.

If it looks close to the width of your wrist, the ink will be $ 50 to $ 75.

Color is more expensive, it's up to you.

Lots of details can easily add up to 100 to your cost.

How Much Is A Wrist Tattoo

How Much Is A Wrist Tattoo


How Much Is A Wrist Tattoo