How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Shirt

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Shirt

How much does it cost to send a t-shirt? 3

Out of curiosity, I wondered how much it would cost to send a black T-shirt to Ohio. I was looking at an item on eBay and wondering if $ 5 is suitable for shipping. Is it worth it?

This is via USPS.


Thank you very much. It makes a lot of sense now.

As a seller, I will not use priority in the list of shirts. It is very cheap to send the first total pack (less than about $ 2). Preferred claims are usually offered within 23 days, but in my experience the delivery of the package may take some time. The first Cl package comes quickly as a priority at a low price. The seller may attempt to collect some of the fees charged by eBay and PayPal, as well as shipping envelopes, shipping labels, shipping services, and ink fees. I don't think 5 is unreasonable, but people don't know what the rest of the sale price is.

T-shirt shipping costs

Yes, like David, I think about postal orders. The smallest and putting a T-shirt in this box will solve the problem.

/ Gabriel

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Shirt