How Much Does A Parrot Cost

How Much Does A Parrot Cost

How much does a blue-necked Indian parrot cost? 3

I really wanted to after watching this video of a talking woman named Marni. You're so cute and I want to teach you to talk! (:

What is the price of Indian Blue Good Parrot in USA? Which is the lowest?

I want blue too! There are two shades of blue, one purple, it really looks blue. Another turquoise, light blue, this blue ring is called for some reason. Look for a purple neck to look darker. It's a little long, but read on.

Don't buy from Petco / Petmart, they are too old and not properly supported.

You can buy the cheapest RDS online, gray at around 17 175 but if you are out of town you will have to pay for shipping. All rds are shipped via Delta or Continental Airlines, so make sure you are one of the airlines in your city! Find out which Indian Blue Neck Rings are for sale.

Most blue-necked rings cost between $ 350 and $ 500, and air freight costs between $ 125 and $ 175, averaging 150. In addition to the neck ring, there is also a shipping option, rds sent only by Delta and Continental Airlines.

That brings the current total to $ 500- 50 650, unfortunately we haven't worked out yet. The neck of the ring is so long that you need a big cage, a perfect size on Amazon, it's a big cage called Havana Flight so find it. It was sold by A&E Cage Company for $ 146 and is cheaper for a cage, most cages cost س 200-400, the cages are very expensive. I think shipping is also free.

So that's $ 160 more that you can add to bring the total to -8 700-850 when you buy a specific cage. As you can see, it is very expensive.

But if you have a local one, you can get it at a reasonable price. Do a Google search for your city by name, followed by location on the website below. For example, My City sells a hand-fed baby for only $ 325 (blue), so you'll have to pay about x 475 and a cage. It is best to buy from local Avery without any shipping costs and you can see the rds.

Blue Indian necklace

Do you know parrots

Buying parrots is not highly recommended. Especially when you think he's cute and wants to teach her to talk like everyone else. Parrots can be difficult animals. They are wild animals. Homeless like dogs and cats.

Do your research Especially in Indian Rangnik. You can be a very complex and noisy parrot.

It only costs $ 300 to $ 700, depending on where you get it. And you have to buy a big cage that costs between $ 300 and $ 500. It's not cheap.

How Much Does A Parrot Cost