How Many Slices In A 12 Inch Pizza

How Many Slices In A 12 Inch Pizza

With a few pieces, is that 1/6 of a 12-inch pizza? 3

I'm not a mathematician. So I wanted to know what 1/6 of a 12 inch pizza is worth.

Without the correct answer, the basic question is, with more calories I can eat 1/6 of the price of pizza, if you don't eat crumbs you can get 1/8.

12 inch pizza slices

Question of 12 inch or 12 disc?

12 inches has nothing to do with the answer. If the question goes as you said, the answer is 1. 1 Question 6 is the total number of servings.

If I wanted to say 12 slices instead of 12 inches, I would have a pizza with 12 out of 12 slices or 12/12.

(1/6 of 12/12) Mathematically, does that mean 1/6 * 12/12 =?

Find a common denominator 12.

Then multiply the first fraction by 2 to get 2/12 of 12/12, cross 12 to get the answer.

The number of servings required to make 1/6 out of 12 slices of pizza means that your answer is 2.

1/6 out of 12 slices of pizza is equal to 1 slice because portions should be counted by number of slices and pizza should have 6 slices. 1/8 will be one serving, 1/12 will be one serving. The denominator indicates the total number of fragments. To be perfect, each slice must be cut at a 60 degree angle.

If the pizza is cut into 6 equal pieces, then 1/6 of the pizza is one piece. Cut into 12 equal pieces, 1/6 part of pizza will have 2 slices.

How Many Slices In A 12 Inch Pizza