How Many Sides Does A Octagon Have

How Many Sides Does A Octagon Have

Is there a multidimensional octagon?

Eight, like octopuses, have eight tents.


The octagon has 8 sides.

The octagon has 8 sides.


Remember these words, you will see them often ...

Sort = 3.

Quadruple = 4.

Penta = 5.

Hexagon = 6.

Hepta = 7.

Octa = 8.

Deca = 10.

Tse is very common, but there are many more. If you have seen these words in another word, it usually refers to the number associated with that word. As an example

Triangle: 3 sided shape

Pentagon: 5-sided buildings in the United States that are used by many national defense offices.

A quadric bicycle-four-wheeled motor vehicle used for off-road use.

I believe you do

The octagon has 8 sides and all sides and angles are equal.


Ha ha.

The next time you get a question like this, you can ask someone close to you instead of giving people free points on Qanook.

&& Remember this

And the octopus has 8 claws.

Like an octagon.

3 sided triangle.

4 sided square.

5-sided Pentagon.

6-sided hexagon.

7-sided hexagon.

8-sided octagon

Neonic 9 pages.

10 sided deck.

How Many Sides Does A Octagon Have