How Many Shingles Do I Need

How Many Shingles Do I Need

How many tiles do I need for a 1200 square meter roof? I need to know the packaging and the box. 3

First, we determine the number of cells required. It is important to note that a square is 100 square meters.

It is also important to note that I am going to assume that you mean 1200 square feet, not 1200 feet.

Divide your roof area by 100 square feet.

In this case, the roof area is 1200 square meters.

Dividing 1200 square feet by 100 square feet is 12.

You need 12 squares.

Then we will find the number of packages you need. It is important to note that there are 3 packages in a box.

Take the number of squares and multiply this number by 3.

There are 12 boxes in this case.

12 times 3 is equal to 36

You need 36 packages.

University degree:

You will need 12 boxes or 36 packages.

Note: You do not need 12 boxes and 36 packages. All you need is 12 boxes or 36 packages.

Very simple using the old-fashioned standard roof definition is at least 12 squares, which is equal to 36 beams. (This would be the answer to a math question written by a math teacher who never put up a roof.)

But in reality, the answer is 38 to 75 packages.

One square is 100 square feet and one package is 1/3 of a square, well, that's what it was then.

So if 1200 feet is 12 standard boxes or 36 bales + 5% waste, then maybe 13 boxes or 39 bales.

Is this the actual measured use size or roof area?

It may be necessary to add an overhang. 5%, then you are about 40 years old.

The roof, too, is longer than the adjacent side of the triangular snow, you have to multiply it by 5% again for a typical old 4/12 roof, so you have about 42 packages, ie. 40% for 12 / 12p finals, you may need about 55 packs.

Some non-standard lots are now 32.8 square feet and some architectural lots are only 25 square feet. So, you need to multiply all the numbers by 1.33.

It is better to buy more and come back later and get a piece of lining that does not match the color instead of buying more.

3 tab blocks are 3 packs per square.

Laminated or architectural tiles have 4 or 5 packages per square.

For laminated or architectural tiles, you should order B and ridge tiles separately.

Don't forget the ice and water shield

1 square is equal to 100 square feet, add more overlap. 15 rare squares and each pack is usually 1/3 of a square.

It depends on the size of the tile. You usually need at least 200 pieces.

Your carpenter will tell you. If you can't even figure out how many chairs you need, you don't need to put up your own roof! : /

How Many Shingles Do I Need

How Many Shingles Do I Need

Where you buy tiles will say that it really depends on the tiles and the size you choose.

12,000 square meters

You have to sit down and consider the size of the tiles, the shape of your roof and all that. It's as if you're back in geometry.

100 square meters. Do the math.

How Many Shingles Do I Need