How Many Pages Is 1250 Words

How Many Pages Is 1250 Words

How many paragraphs of 1250 words, approximately ??? 3

I write articles in English and they are at least 1250 words long, so I was wondering how many paragraphs there are on average.

As a general rule of thumb, a page should be 250 words (typed, copied), there is no general rule for paragraphs because two paragraphs can vary greatly in length and each is correctly arranged. can go.

The 1250 word document consists of approximately 5 pages (typed, layered). w Many paragraphs are yours.

If you write an article in a typical font style (eg Times), it will become 12pt. Fonts and duplicates require 250 words to fill a sheet of paper. 1250 words will consist of about 5 pages.

Which gives you 25 lines of work per page. Assuming your paragraph is 5 sentences and each sentence is 12 lines, you will see about 2,025 paragraphs.

This is a rough estimate, but it can be very close. 250 words per page seems quite accurate. So consider the 45-page content you need to write.

For example, he is useful and good in his role.

It really depends on the size of your paragraph. You will see 5 pages with font size 12, double editing. To prevent your article from getting too heavy, I am going to select 23 paragraphs per page. This will give you 12 paragraphs (including introduction and conclusion). This does not mean that you need 10 subheadings, you can present the topic in one paragraph, explain it in the next paragraph, and provide an example in the third paragraph. What helps, for example.

Most articles in English are 5 paragraphs.

The introduction includes the dissertation and supporting facts (35) which a

Prop 1 makes one, reality leads to two.

Prop 2 produces two, which makes reality three.

Prop 3 does three, leads to the result.

Result 3 repeats the facts and omits the paragraph.

I think it's 3 pages. Some word processors have a feature called word counting. Go to your program's help menu and enter the word count to see if you're in your program. It will help you a lot!

How Many Pages Is 1250 Words