How Many Cups Is 6 Oz

How Many Cups Is 6 Oz

How many 6 ounce cups of sliced ​​cheese? 3

Can anyone guess me? I was making soup and I just realized I needed to know. Also, how many cups do you think 3 heads of broccoli are?

8 oz = 2 cups

6 oz = 1 cup.

3 heads of broccoli or just a small stem? And high?

no! I don't know how many cups there are.

6 ounces is always 3/4 cup. You can play a mug if you want.

Not a measuring cup? For a closer look, use an old-fashioned coffee mug or cup from the bar set.

6 oz is equal to 3/4 cup broccoli, I don't know what 3 heads will do.

6 ounces equals 3/4 cup. 8 ounces is one cup.

Don't have a measuring cup? I can't help broccoli because I hate it.

Google claims that 0.75 (or 3/4) cup is equal to 6 ounces.

For broccoli, it may be necessary to cut it to determine its size.

How Many Cups Is 6 Oz