How Many Classes Can You Fail In High School

How Many Classes Can You Fail In High School

Can you fail to varying degrees and still get Abitur? 3

Well, I admit that yes, I haven't had a semester of Spanish yet and now I'm failing in math and biology. Can't I leave this key in the third year? Where will they catch me?

You may be considered a junior, but you will have to take this course at some point to pass. (the old protagonist, the school of credit, the recovery of credit) The faults of your mice, it is not the best of the best in the world, but because of the experience, it is clear to me. Cles that you. I dropped them out in the first grade and had to do math in summer school (I always failed due to lack of dedication). High school is easy if you work and be careful (don't say no) because I messed up in my first year (1.8 GPA) until I had to work. In grade 10, I had a GPA of 3.0 in both semesters and my overall GPA was 2.2 (although I did well). Ok i

You need a certain amount of debt and a special key to spend. You may not need Spanish to graduate, but you may need math and science.

You need to talk to your HS consultant to find out your educational needs.

I think it depends on the course, but I think you can get a diploma only if you have the required number of credits for each school subject.

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How Many Classes Can You Fail In High School