How Many Carbs Can You Eat on a Keto Diet?

The keto diet restricts its followers from a high carb diet. It is important to know how many carbs can you eat on a Keto Diet to make it effective. The people following the ketogenic diet plan are not allowed to have more than 30 grams of carbs per day.
Carbs in a Keto Diet

How to Avoid Low Carb Diet Mistakes?

The ketogenic diet makes use of extremely low carb food items to be part of its eating plan as the keto diet is all about having the food items that are extremely low in carbs, so people sometimes make mistakes and are not aware of it.

1. Avoid Too Much Protein:

People who follow the keto diet end up eating a lot of lean meat that is high in proteins. A high protein diet leads to gluconeogenesis, and this gluconeogenesis prevents your body from entering into ketosis. So, avoid using too much protein on a keto diet.

According to scientists, a well-designed keto diet is one that is high in fat but moderate in protein. Excessive consumption of protein on a low carb diet does not allow the body to maintain ketosis.

2. Do Not Cut Down Fats:

People assume that lowering the fats along with the low carb diet can make their diet more effective, and this is a big mistake. When you are reducing your carb intake, you must add up something in place of it for compensation and fats are a good alternate for carbs.

Don’t be afraid of eating fat in a low-carb diet. If you do not eat much fat, you won’t be able to carry out normal activities of life as it would decrease your energy levels.

3. Maintain Sodium Levels:

Following a keto diet results in lowering the insulin levels in your body. This reduction in insulin results in shedding water and sodium from the body, resulting in many health problems like constipation. So, to make sodium levels to be optimum, you can add salt to your diet.

A low-carb diet reduces insulin levels, thus making your kidneys excrete more sodium. This results in sodium deficiency. So, sodium levels must be maintained to have proper functioning of insulin.

4. Maintain Consistency:

The human body burns carbs for producing energy, but when carbs are not available, the body shifts to burn fats. However, this requires time. During the time which the body takes to change from burning carbs to fats, most people face keto flu. Keto flu makes the followers of the keto diet quit it soon. It is important to be consistent and firm and follow the diet strictly to see its effectiveness.

Summary: A low carb diet takes time to fully adopting the changes in the body. This may result in unwanted and unpleasant symptoms. But it is important to adhere to your goals to achieve the best results.


A low carb diet is effective for losing weight and boosting health, but it is not only limited to cutting down the carbs. So, after knowing how many carbs can you eat on a keto diet, it is also important to have a well-balanced diet and perform enough exercise to have the best of health. By concerning the points mentioned above, one can avoid the common low carb diet mistakes and can follow the keto plan easily.

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