How Many Boxes Of Daily Contacts Is A Year Supply

How Many Boxes Of Daily Contacts Is A Year Supply

How many boxes according to the year of contact

I'll order contacts, but I'm not sure many boxes will fit in one year. It automatically says 4 boxes, but I'm not sure how many squares it costs in a year. I will probably order an Omedix XC or AQV NDS if it makes a difference.


I know my recipe. I am using Omedix XC but I am not happy about it so I can go to Aquio. And I mean 2 weeks one way contact rental.

So if you use it once in 2 weeks ... like Acuvue ... then you need 8 boxes.

4 boxes are required for monthly lens.

You don't know what you're going to order, which means you don't have a prescription for it.

It will not work. The site will verify with your doctor's office that your prescription is legal, even if they send you something.

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How Many Boxes Of Daily Contacts Is A Year Supply