How Many Bottles Of Oil Does A Car Need

How Many Bottles Of Oil Does A Car Need

Do you need a car with lots of oil bottles? 3

I know it looks like that, but when I fixed the timing belt and all the valves, my car ran out of oil. But the mechanic doesn't make oil ... So today I bought 1 bottle, but I don't think that bottle is enough. I need more And if so, many others?

Check your manual to see how much oil is in the crank case and it will tell you the exact amount. If you are looking for a simple solution, 4 cylinder engines typically require 4, six cylinder and 8 cylinder, you guessed it, eight. At least that's the amount you want to buy. But it usually takes a little longer, so use this example to fill in too much or too little. Suppose you have a 6-cylinder car, this is the one in which you put 5 liters of oil, which will make your car run for a minute. This ensures that the oil filter and crank case have the full capacity of the oil. Then check if you can read anything, add oil and keep checking until you reach Line II. The next time you have a problem with your vehicle, take it to another mechanic who can remove the oil and cause significant damage to your vehicle.

The answer is 5 liters of oil .....

Your mechanic won't even say that the car will be ready if it doesn't have oil ...! Also, someone said add something else. More ...... no doubt !! Do you also bet on 10w30? This is the weight or thickness of the oil. Ask someone who knows what they're talking about at Rebel Auto Parts Stores, etc. (It's called Merris, Pap Boys, etc.)

Sorry, but no good mechanic will ever forget to put oil back in the engine; never ...

Incidentally, ~ 1 liter of oil is enough to recycle Enes parts so that they do not close and damage the main block of Enes.

Drive while checking after refueling.

It depends on the car, but 1 is definitely not enough. You can't drive without oil because the engine breaks down and you have nowhere to go. A mechanic will know. If you can scare him, he must have put something there. You will need at least 3 or 4 more. I will say type 3 and check my files. You can add more as needed. If not, take it to another workshop and ask someone to take care of it.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Then check if everything is downstairs, add another room. If it's in the middle, fine. If your valve has recently been repaired, there may be a slight clicking sound. That doesn't mean you don't have enough oil, everything is brand new and needs to be adjusted.

Consult your manual in the specifications or oil section as it will depend on the vehicle. Looks like a lot of gallons of oil is needed. Generally, each bottle of oil is one liter. Not all cars are the same, but I know I have 4 to 5 liters (full capacity) in each one. One is a 1.6 liter and the other is a 2.8 liter displacer.

How Many Bottles Of Oil Does A Car Need

How Many Bottles Of Oil Does A Car Need

You're an American car ... Look, it's a long metal object that fits into your engine barrel ... No, not red, it's yellow ... There's a sign near the bottom ... Add oil ... with 3 bottles of 4 liters or more ... Check the yolk ... If the oil is still missing from the top, add another liter (bottle)

You know what, forget it ... I'm telling you that if you're working on a valve after the timing belt breaks (no chains, be careful), you should do it first. What if your mechanic doesn't? Don't pour engine oil after work and leave it alone ... it's worth buying for free from a new mechanic.

Depending on the type of car you have, we check the ■■■■■■■■ and test every liter of oil until it reaches level 11, usually 46 liters for most cars.

If you mean liter by bottle, you need at least 4 liters, if 4 cylinders and maybe more, then you have to look at the manual for offers less than the capacity of liquid on the car.

Sagodana !!!!!!

What else does a mechanic do?

What can IC SP do?


Don't drive unless you have the right amount of oil in your car!

Add at least more oil until the ■■■■■■■■ shows the right amount.

Then read the listing manual.

If you don't have one, buy one!


BT we all!

Don't ask about the car unless you include the car's year, make and model and size.


How Many Bottles Of Oil Does A Car Need