How Long Does Mail Take

How Long Does Mail Take

w Does it take long for mail to reach the city?

It depends on where you are, where they are stationed, when they are collected and where they are going.

If you are in a very small area with mail and it happens locally, maybe 1 day.

If in a big city, maybe 23 days.

Note: Swiss Post only accepts emails from recipients. W or if the address used to process correspondence cannot be reached by Swiss Post.

In fact, post offices are very efficient at handling mail. You can run an experiment to test it by postcard.

Letters from different collection boxes: Number the cards in the order sent to the mailbox, but write the location of the collection box on the card, when the mail will be collected, time and date. deposit. Then make a note of the time and date you received it.

After receiving the key, the letter was sent to several teachers in 6 cities in the United States. Each student shows 7 cards, one for each teacher and one for himself. An HI card arrives at Cleveland School within 30 hours and is shipped to the airport. At that time the cost was 11 cents.

Think of all the fun of making a simple A2B card for 24 cents.

And unlike email, US mail is still very private.

Our small post office says that at the end of the day they send bulk mail to the sorting station, which is at 00:00 am, but I wonder if the mail will be delivered on the same day or if it is sent Will go Sorting at the station and then sending the sent mail to the mailbox.

Generally, the post office SD depends on the city and whether a lot of mail was sent on the day your mail was processed. If you need to contact someone close to you soon, I recommend leaving them alone or keeping them in your mailbox.

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How Long Does Mail Take