How long does it take to grow hair after shaving your head?

About half an inch per month, or 6 inches per year it takes to grow hair after shaving your head , you have half a foot of new hair. Scalp hair is known to grow between 0.6cm and 3.36cm per month .Men may regrow their hair in six months, but it could take longer for women to grow hair back.

Hair after shaving your head

How rapidly your hair will grow after being shaved is dependent on your overall health, stress level and your growth rate.

The hair growth cycle after shaving head

The hair growth cycle consists of four stages:

  1. Anagen
  2. Catagen
  3. telogen
  4. exogen

In this phase cells in the hair bulb divide rapidly creating new hair growth,The growth phase, or anagen phase, lasts an average of 3-5 years — so a full-length hair averages 18 to 30 inches.


In this transitional phase, hair stops growing and detaches itself from the blood supply and is then named a club hair.This short transitional phase lasts approximately 10 days.

On average, this stage lasts for 3 to 4 months. Only 6 to 12% of hair follicles are present on the scalp during this phase


Finally, strands are released from their follicles and fall out. Now the whole process can begin again.

Several ways to grow hair back quicker after shaving

Here are several things that you can try to get your hair to grow back quicker than usual:

  1. Start using shampoos and conditioners that contain things like keratin and vitamin E

  2. Steer clear of exposing your hair to heat too often

  3. Let your hair to hang loose most of the time as opposed to sticking it into a tight ponytail.

  4. Make sure that you’re eating foods that are high in protein, vitamin C, and iron on a regular basis

  5. Cover your hair up with a hat or scarf when you go outside to protect it from the sun and the sun’s harmful UV rays.

After hair loss

It is normal to fall a certain amount of hair every day. If hair falls in more serious amounts than usually hair falls, it can cause headache, distress and worry It depends on the underlying cause of your hair loss

Factors that affects regrowth of hair after shaving head

If you’ve experienced hair loss, and you’re trying to grow your hair back, many factors can affect the rate of hair growth, including:

  • changes in hormones
  • nutritional deficiencies
  • medications
  • Pattern hair loss
  • Scalp psoriasis
  • Alopecia
  • stress and anxiety
  • Thyroid problems
  • Pregnancy

Scalp psoriasis
Scalp psoriasis is an autoimmune disease in which it results scaly red patches on the skin. When psoriasis develops on the scalp, hair loss sometimes follows once the scalp psoriasis clears hair tends to regrow fortunately.

Pattern hair loss
As we age, some follicles stop producing hair. This kind of loss in hair is permanent, which means that the hair will not grow back typically.
In men, hair loss can begin any time. Lots of men with male pattern hair loss after all become bald.
Female pattern hair loss can cause hair to thin all over the scalp, but rarely it lead to baldness.

Thyroid problems
Thyroid disease can occur when thyroid gland either doesn’t produce enough or produces too much of certain hormones Hair will typically grow back once the thyroid disorder is successfully treated.

**Hormonal changes
This is a temporary condition for hair loss due to hormonal changes. Hormones are the most common cause of hair loss for both women and men.

It is another term for male or female pattern baldness. The condition develops when the immune system attacks the hair follicles, resulting in hair loss it is a very common cause of hair loss. Alopecia is unpredictable. Hair may start growing back anytime, but it may fall out again. It’s not currently possible to know when it might fall out or grow back

Nutritional deficiencies
Diet deficiencies can have a negative impact and contribute to hair thinning or loss,extreme diets that are too low in protein and certain vitamins such as iron can sometimes cause too much hair falling. Correcting the deficiency may lead to hair growth. Still, it can take several months for hair to regrow.

Some women may experience too much hair loss for a short time period after giving birth just because of decrease in estrogen levels. This type of hair loss is a temporary condition and usually resolves within a year or may be earlier.

Stress and anxiety

If you’ve lost hair due to stress or anxiety, there is a chance it will start to grow back once your stress levels are back to normal if you notice a patchy hair loss than usual hair loss when combing or washing your hair, consult to your doctor. Sudden hair loss is a signal an underlying medical condition that requires some treatment.

Advantages of Shaving Your Head

There are some benefits which u get after shaving your head and they are as follows.

  • Good for Hair Growth
  • Look Like Other Powerful Bald People
    Best for Bodybuilders and Athletes
  • You will be more Confident
  • Save your Money
  • No Hassle of Taking Care, Washing of Hair
  • No Worries of Maintaining Hair or Bad Haircuts
  • Taking care of long hair is a difficult task

Disadvantages of Shaving Your Head

When there are some advantages of shaving head so on the other hand it has some disadvantages too they are as follows.

  • Chance of skin irritation and razor bumps
  • People shaving oily skin are always irritated after shaving their heads
  • Caps and Hats are necessary
  • Head looks Bumpy and lumpy
  • In winter, you have to wear to a good cap so you can avoid any bad health.

As everyone’s amount of hair falls out everyday and it is normal to say. We normally each day lose up to 100 hair.If a person notices that they are losing more hair than normal routine they may have an cardinal condition instance, they should consult a doctor and take advice on what the best treatment options can be.

Shaving according to Dermatologists

For men Dr recommends how to shave step by step

1.Wet your skin and hair to soften it.
2. Apply a foaming shaving cream
3. Let the cream sit for two to three minutes .
4. Shave in the direction that your hair grows.
5. Rinse after each swipe of the razor
6. After shaving, rinse your face with cold water to reduce inflammation.
7. Store your razor in a dry area

Hair to grow back after waxing?

When you wax, however, the entire hair root is removed from the follicle below the skin’s surface.
It can take about one week before you even start to see new hair growth.

How long does it take for hair to grow back after chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy may cause hair loss not just on your scalp but all over your body hair will start to regrow on its own two to three weeks after chemotherapy is completed it can be a positive sign of a person’s improving health too.

When hair does grow back, be prepared that it will grow in a different texture or different color than it was before you started treatment. if you used to have straight hair, it may grow back in curly. People also find that their hair grows in gray, and then after few months later, it turns out to their natural color.

grow hair after shaving HEAD

Frequently asked questions:

1.How much does hair grow in 1 year?

According to Dermatology hair grows about 1/2 inch per month and about 6 inches per year

2.Does hair grow back more after shaving?

It is said that shaving does not affect the thickness or rate of hair regrowth may be your hair will grow more may be a little depending on hormonal imbalance.

3. Which hormone is responsible for hair growth?

Dihydrotestosterone(DHT) is an androgen sex hormone which contributes to hair growth DHT It is a natural bi-product of testosterone, and everyone has some amount of it when hormones are out of balance our hair turns to be dry and thinning.

4.Can less sleep cause hair loss?

The lack of sleep can result in higher levels of stress which is shown to cause hair loss

5.How do I make my bald head grow hair faster?

Yes, you can massage your scalp with essential oils can also use remedies and shampoo having essential oils in it to make your bald head hair grow faster.

6. What age do men go bald?

When you turn 30, you have a 25% chance of being bald.if you have the X-linked baldness gene, you’re likely to go the age of 50 there’s 50% chance of being bald.

7. Does grey hair mean you won’t go bald?

Everyone gets grey hair as we get older it just depends on the DNA when they turn grey. Some people get grey in their early years of adult hood, but grey hair does not guarantee that when you get older you won’t get bald.

8. Will dandruff go away if u shave your head?

if you have no hair on your head, there is no place for dandruff to live in so dandruff will definitely go away after shaving your head.


Your hair will definitely grow after shaving even people shave specially their heads in order to get healthy hair no matter it takes time to grow hair after shaving your head Some gets healthy hair after being shaved but nit necessary everyone will get healthy hair just depending on your care and massage and also imbalances of your hormones.

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How to make hair grow faster

How long does it take to grow hair after shaving head is a frequently asked question and is an emerging topic of discussion. There are many tips, remedies and treatment to boost up this growth. Some factors greatly affect this growth. Shaving head tips and after care measures should be in our mind before shaving head to prevent any disease and lack of comfortability.


There are following tips to better shaving, including

i. Using a modern, multi-blade razor. It will offer a closer shave and demand fewer passes over delicate scalp skin. (Make sure your barber uses a new razor, too, if you get it done professionally.)

ii. You will use the same kind of shaving cream or gel as you use to wash your face. To prevent discomfort, however, it should be one made for delicate skin. “You want something soft, without a lot of ingredients or fragrance.

iii. Work with a mirror, particularly if you’re a beginner. Start in an environment where everything is visual and you have more control over, like the front or sides, as you get the feel of the razor. “Your scalp will have curves and bumps that do not adhere perfectly to the razor, and you’re doing it blind in certain places, so you just have to get comfortable."

iv. Don’t hurry, it’s the best tip that we should remember to prevent from any cut and awkward cutting of hair.


There are some also tips for the AFTER CARE OF SHAVING because sometimes irritation and redness may appear just after shaving.
Therefore, someone should take care and keep in mind the given below tips.

i. Now that your hair is gone, you might be tempted to get rid of your hair care stuff. Don’t. Wash your scalp everyday and get rid of oils and keep it clean.

ii. Moisturize right after shaving and when required between shaves. It will help soothe any discomfort you may have.

iii. If you break out right after shaving your scalp, alleviate the redness and some pain with a benzoyl peroxide cleanser. (Breaking out is natural, particularly if you have thick, curly hair.) We should use it once a day, either right before you shave or in the evenings between shaves.

iv. Cover your naked scalp from the sun. Smooth on a sun block of at least a 30 SPF every day, or wear a hat in the sun.


There are some more tips for shaving,which are necessary to know before going for shaving the head,which are as following.

i. Get to know your head shape

Your head shape has a lot to do with how strong a shaved head can look, which only becomes apparent until the hair is gone. Minimize any surprises by taking stock of your skull before buzzing your hair off.

“A nice round head shape is best,” says Mackenzey Forrey, a stylist at Bumble and Bumble. “Look for bumps, divots, ridges, and flatness. Face form is not that important; any man can shave his head if he wishes.” If you don’t have a perfectly round head, you can always go completely bald; you just have to get relaxed with your head’s natural shape.

ii. No time to do that is false

There is no wrong time to get bald, but sometimes people usually do it. if hair is fine, drops, recedes, etc. Or, if you really can’t go to the barbershop, then you know, and your wit’s end is hit. In the past you could go for a consultation with a barber or hairstylist. Your hair type, skin and head shape will be tested clinically and you’d make a decision to ease your mind.

Although it isn’t like this at the moment. So, if you are nervous, remember that it’s a haircut, too, so you won’t need to worry about its permanence. It’s not an effect on follicle.

iii. Do it once and do it right

You may be tempted to put your head some old raser, but it’s not the same for any rasped head. Many stylists and barbers will question you before taking dramatic action on your own to get to the new product (or hat) and it’s a smart suggestion.

A professional barber says, "Start by going to a therapist to known the best suited products on your skin after shaving and before shaving. Don’t use any new product before consulting the doctor.

iv. Shave your head on a decent day

That naturally depends on availability of barber or some other expert. And certainly you don’t right now. The self administered road, if you are inclined to take it, McCormick has some advice. “Go gently,” McCormick says, whether it comes to a home buzz or shave. 'Don’t go straight to the buzz of scalp stage, and start with a one inch guard and work down from there if you are bold enough to experiment.

Low repair, not maintenance.The easiest way to make the best cut is for a barber to start and hold the barber up. Every 3 to 4 weeks, Forrey suggests going according to how quickly the hair grows. It will ideally soon be possible. But good news at the moment: it is a little better to hold it yourself after the original cut is finished.

v. 5-Star Series Cordless Senior

"If you are the DIY kind and the cut is as quick and simple as the 1-inch guard, you would want to invest in a proper clipper that holds it home. Go forward if you want to go down. Just make sure you begin longer than you believe and operate from there. You should tr

You ought to set the duration up essentially. Go back and forth, go back and forth, then go nuts and take the clippers in every direction to make sure no patches are missing. You’re going to then begin to fad down. If you land on a top of 5, turn to a top of 4 and start blossoming against the hair grain (which is likely to grow down here), and flourish a little twisted so that the transition from shorter to lighter is smoother. Then turn to a 3 and resume your sideburns again and stop on your head a little lower. For your back.

vi. Men’s Trimmer

Speaking of clippers, they’re mostly sold out right now, but “the Wahl Senior is a solid, affordable option,” says a researcher. It’s still, handily, ready to order (though you’ll wait a while for it to ship). If you’re shaving the dome bald, there are several ergonomic razors that work on the hand or fingertips.

They help you to shave securely and easily in the bathroom." Just be sure to have a moisturizer on hand and slather on SPF until you go outdoors.

There are some also questions,which required attention to do more research on this topic as What sort of razor is better for head shaving?Is it safe to shave your head?Is it nice to shave your head with razor? How can you have the nearest shave to your head?


There are some also tips,which should be considered, when going for first time shaving of head. Which are as following:

i. Post-shower shave.

Advances of blade technologies have helped to pave the way for your shave, but where you can, you do want to help things. After you get out of the tub, your hair will be at its softest, which means you’ll need to use less friction to get the job done, minimizing the risk of razor burn and visible wounds.

ii. Using a gel shaving not cream

A make-or - break moment is provided by the correct shave gel: Pick well, and you can reduce the chances of razor burn and boost the consistency of your shave. For sensitive skin, a smooth, unscented shave gel will feel better and encourage you to see where you’re going.

iii. Get a well vision.

Be sure you’re working on decent lighting and lots of mirrors. A knick on your cheek doesn’t feel fantastic, and the top of your dome doesn’t feel any better.

SHAVE Your hair rises in leadership a simple grooming idea that many people forget, always shave hair in the direction it rises, not against it, although it often feels especially rewarding.

iv. A shaving routine

Evolve sunlight is obscured except by small hairs on your head. You would want to stop shaving the day after getting a lot of sun with the pale-skinned among you. You’re staring at a brown collar and a spectacularly light scalp elsewhere.


A decent moisturiser is a vital aspect of reaching the scalp with dry skin. For the first time, shaving your head means you have a whole new place to stay shielded from the heat.

vi.You Still Not Need To Wash The Hairs

Perhaps you felt that you were done with shampoo and conditioner. Not too quickly. These products are specially designed to be more hydrating than normal drying soap for your skin.Significance?

Shampoo at least 2-3 times a week every time you shower, followed by a pre-shave gel to ready the skin for your big shave. We know that it sounds odd, but we trust it.

vii. Keep Your Scalp In Extra-dry Weather Extra-hydrated

During dry, inclement weather, Argan or tea tree oil may give extra-hydrating properties. All winter long, essentially.

viii. Rapid Treat Dryness

Slipped up anyway, and felt the burn? Razor burns can be uncomfortable for up to a week on the scalp. Don’t itch, whatever you do. That can lead to a headache and infection.

Instead, use topical hydrocortisone to relieve the shaving burn and do not shave again until the skin is no longer irritated.And it is important to shield yourself from UV rays all over your body. For one-in-one hydration and skin safety, like this one from CeraVe, aim for a formula that does double-duty.

iv. Keep Your Head (Shaved) High

When you have dedicated for the first time to shaving your head, own it! Don’t hide the sun under a bushel, or a fedora or baseball cap in this situation.


All these cares and tips should be known by everyone to prevent from any illness, irritation and redness. Simply, preventive measures taken before the head shaving and after shaving can protect us from harmful radiations of sun,cuts and wrong cutting.

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Let’s suppose I have dandruff right now, and then I shaved my head completely, then my hairs started coming back. Now would the new hairs will still have dandruff in them or not?

you should answer and add this in your FAQ.

Hair straightening is becoming a leading cause of hairfall