How Long Does Bleached Hair Last

How Long Does Bleached Hair Last

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I am Asian and thought about bleaching my hair for a while and then let it grow into its natural color (deep brother). I just want to know how long my hair will be bleached.

The hair you bleach will still keep changing color ... your hair will grow back and eventually get cut. That's why it's hard for people to follow you. So, brighten up ... if you don't like it, expect it to grow or color after a few days. I now! (Oh and if you dye it black keep an eye on it, if you dye it yourself don't wash it soon or your hair will turn yellow) Please!

Bleach hair for men

It all depends on whether the purple is permanent or not. Purple probably won't last long unless it's done by a professional, which can be expensive. Purple will fade and eventually blonde again. And bleach is bad for your hair. It will not leave your hair until it grows back.

Since your hair is very dark in nature, it will be very difficult to bleach, your hair will turn yellow / black, it will be very difficult to maintain the color. And it lasts until it grows back, or when you get bored you can return it to its original color.

Bleach is permanent. It's not like spots or blurred phenomena. But when you bleach, you have to use a lot of conditioner to keep it moist as it can do a lot of damage to your hair. If you want it to disappear after a while, I suggest coloring it. Yah L ~ D

How Long Does Bleached Hair Last