How Long Do Mazda 6 Last

How Long Do Mazda 6 Last

How many km / mile do you think my Mazda 6 will run? 3


I drive a total of 200 km (127 miles) per day to work and from there (5 times a day). So I drive a lot hahahaha

I have a 2006 Mazda 6 2.3L V4 sports car that traveled 125,000 kilometers (75,000 miles). I treat it regularly and take care of it and treat it very well, but I use it a lot.

w mazda 6 Durable, or the same middle class car. Am I thinking of buying a new car when I reach 200,000 kilometers (125,000 miles)? Or I can stay longer.

Thanks for appreciating your response.

Mazda cars are designed and built for major repairs over 10 years and / or 275,000 miles. Translation, John and you are doing a good job with regular maintenance. Additional components such as alternator, water pump, belt, pulley, rotor, spark plug, CV must be replaced within 275,000 km due to wear, this is no different from other cars. When the car is stationary, you can always have a reliable car.


I think I had a similar discussion a few months ago. All three are a little under 6. My friend works as a technician at a Mazda dealership and has reported that he is having constant problems with his Mazda 6s (not so far from his car). Aside from the gearbox, the Mazda 6 has a lot of memories. The Mazda 3 is a more powerful motor vehicle. It also received excellent scores from consumer reviews and general automotive magazines (vehicles and power trains, etc.). I sat on both of them and surrounded them. The Mazda 3 is smoother, looks more efficient inside and out, and operates much more easily. I also like the convenience of knowing that I have a strong, capable car that I don't have.

75,000 miles to kilometers

Impossible to know Is it a highway or a mile from the city? Do you have a car Is the road you are driving slippery? More accurate.

Your V4 has 85,000-90,000 issues so I have a 2006 Dodge Ram V8 HEMI.

How Long Do Mazda 6 Last