How Long Do Laptops Last

How Long Do Laptops Last

How Long Do Alienware Laptops Really Work?

I really mean my whole life! :)

Use 3 Urs in non-challenging games if you are in Medium / Advanced settings.

Less than 2 when playing a challenging game like Crisis 2 on medium / high settings.

Almost when not playing games or watching videos. 4/5 hours.

If you mean the whole life span, then 46 years is good.

Personally I'm saving for the m17x r3 model. It costs 400% more than the M14X, but it's much more powerful! I wouldn't recommend the M18X because it's just a small upgrade, 5 pounds more than the M17XR3 model and 500 more!

Do you mean battery life or expected laptop life?

With battery life, you can't expect much more, especially if you're playing games. I would be surprised if you get 1.5 ur from every laptop while playing wow. If you have it on low power settings and do not play games / videos, you can get 4 units

If you refer to the shelf life of an item, it can easily last up to 5 years if handled with care. Obviously, it slows down when moving, shaking, falling or hitting. Still, if something goes wrong, you can fix it.

I've had my Alienware M14x for 2.5 years, just got out of bed. For some reason, he tried dinner and hit 25 fps in CS: GO. Tell me: Build your computer and buy a reasonable monitor. They will last longer and will be easier to increase or repair over time.

How Long Do Laptops Last