How Facebook Suggest Friends

How Facebook Suggest Friends

What does Facebook suggest to friends?

I think your real question is: Facebook advises friends who: don't share friends, don't belong to groups, don't share interests, etc. Some kind of real relationship with him in real life.

The only logical explanation is that Facebook tracks or registers people who view your profile or friends list and then advises them in front of you as if they were embarrassed or embarrassed to add you. Am Problem ... As you know, there's a way to let you know you've seen your profile

When someone suggests a friend, you will receive a notification.

This report indicates that the person suggested you.

People on Facebook suggested:

Facebook will suggest these people based on mutual friends, the same (or similar) groups you follow, the same (or similar) pages and your location.

I think it's all bullying. I am far from the advice of friends. I don't know any advice from friends or anything like that. I contacted one of these people and asked if they had registered me or something and there was no answer. How did they do it?

No, Facebook will not recommend to your friends.

How Facebook Suggest Friends

How Facebook Suggest Friends

A friend thinks you know this person and that person suggests you.

Mutual friend suggestions

Yes, suggested by your friends or how many of your mutual friends

Your mutual friend advised them

How Facebook Suggest Friends