How Facebook reviews are important for your tourism website?

Facebook is amongst the most-liked social media platforms for connecting people. It has also extended its features in the field of business promotions and has become the centre for marketers.

When we talk about tourism, Facebook has got an important role to play there as well. Being one of the most used platforms from the decades, it has got several opinions on any subject, be it; place, food, people, work, etc.

Wondering how Facebook reviews are of great importance for a tourism website. There is a social aggregator tool named as Facebook Review Widget. It is the best & free tool which allows you to embed Facebook reviews on website.

Facebook reviews are of great importance in supplying the correct information about anything, directly to the seekers. Facebook reviews are posted by the experienced users and are very essential for the people questing for it.

See how Facebook reviews are important for website.

# Search engines and Facebook reviews!

Does the relation between search engines and Facebook review intrigue you?

According to the demographic structures, around 10% of the search results are dependent on the online reviews. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that Facebook reviews have a significant role to play in the search results.

Facebook reviews are displayed in reverse chronological order, i.e. the latest reviews appear on the top.

# Discovery of destination

Aren’t you bored with your routine? Don’t you wish to go out on a vacation?

If yes, you can obtain ample number of travel suggestions just by scrolling through your social media accounts.

Facebook is the site where travellers can share their travel experiences, these reviews can be beneficial for both users and marketers. Embedding Facebook reviews to a website provides marketers with a golden chance to plant seeds of travelling in their visitors’ mind.

Showing Facebook reviews on their websites can help marketers in influencing their users’ decision to plan a trip.

# The travel website reboot

Embed Facebook reviews to your website helps you in proving the authenticity of your brand. Since Facebook Reviews are wholly created by the users, they increase the credibility of your business to a great extent. Once you embed Facebook reviews on a website, they help you improve the functionality of your website by providing you with the knowledge about new travel trends and influence them to experience the same. It helps you in building social trust by showcasing the past travel experience of your consumers and increases the transformation rate.

Hence it will enhance the quality of your website, making it popular among the customers.

# Showcasing of social proof

Displaying User-Generated content on your website showcases the authenticity of your brand. When the visitors see these posts uploaded by the real customers, they get interested in your brand even more.

Embedding facebook reviews to your website helps your brand in winning the faith of your visitors.

Since Facebook reviews are the representation of the past performance of your business, therefore they can be used as the weapons by the marketers to make their website come under visitors’ attention.

# Influence your visitors

Social media and tourism go hand in hand, from making decisions about travel to uploading posts and giving travel reviews.

According to a study, most of the visitors do not pre-advise their travelling plans before seeing the reviews of the former travellers. Marketers can turn this to their great advantage and can influence the travel decisions of their website visitors.

Facebook reviews allow your brand to conveniently impact your visitors’ travel plans, without making any extra effort.

# Deciding factors for your business

Do you check for good star rated reviews before visiting a place?

Facebook reviews provide your visitors with the ease to decide whether they are interested in your brand or not.

Facebook reviews have the ability to influence your visitors, as getting a good star rating on your website gives a loud and clear message to the users about your brand. Maintaining good Facebook reviews on your website can give your business the ability to impact EdgeRank.

According to statistics, around 77% of the people check customer reviews before making their decision.

Hence, Facebook reviews are capable of deciding the future of your business.

# Easiest way to display reviews

Facebook is probably the first spot to get reviews about anything a user is searching for. Facebook is the social media platform with the maximum number of active users, that makes it the centre for sharing the reviews to make it reach a multitude of users.

This appears to be very advantageous for the marketers, embedding Facebook reviews to their website can make their business instantly popular.

You can embed Facebook reviews to your website using Facebook reviews widget.

# Conclusion

Facebook is one of the best places to share your travel experiences. Travellers can share their experience on Facebook in the form of videography, photograph, audio file or textual form. This activity can be exciting for travellers sharing their experiences to the people globally.

Facebook reviews are interesting and can be accessed easily by the users and can give them necessary details about the place that they want to visit. Not only them, but Facebook reviews are important for the marketers as well. Travel websites and marketing agencies can leverage their benefits to make their website authentic and informative

Hence, it is mindful for you to embed Facebook reviews on your website with Facebook review widget and can give your business a top-flight.