How Do You Spell Minute

How Do You Spell Minute

How do you spell minutes (how small) how do you spell minutes (how many 60 seconds are in a minute)?

Yes, that's how it's written.

Edit: mi · nute2 ما € €  € / ma / ‹‹ nut, ˆnyut, m, / Sw written

[Mahnoot, Newt, Mili] Hundred IPA

œ d Applicable Nut · M, Nut ٹ East.

1. Very small, such as size, quantity, coverage or quality - small difference.

2. Ignored a bit.

3. Pay attention to the smallest detail: be careful.

You spelled it correctly! Take a minute at a time :) This time English makes sense! I suspect our words are responsible for the difference in words, but this is just a theory.

How Do You Spell Minute