How Do You Spell Favorite

How Do You Spell Favorite

How do you write a favorite? ۔

Okay, I like to write, but some people say it's their favorite font.

In the United States, he says: Favorite.

In the UK, Ireland, Australia, etc., it says: Favorite.

Similar words:

Color color


hypnotize / hypnotize

This is just a subtle difference between American English and British English.

Personally, I prefer spelling. If you are in the United States and write articles in English, so are you.

Altag is not a favorite typo. It is not widely used in the United States. So the British wrote. I doubt an English teacher will score, but I will not take the risk.

I used the second one, but the first one is also correct. The differences are regional, almost national. At Caa, we assume that the spelling is English and more accurate than the useless American version. You have been removed to improve typing performance by writing one letter less.

We Americans, who try to get the world's attention and rebel against our homeland, consider it a favorite. Get rid of America by playing Scrabble.

How Do You Spell Favorite